X100Photo | Street photography in the 21st century

10/04/2011 @ 22:00 UTC

philgyford : X100Photo | Street photography in the 21st century - Quite enjoying this blog about street photography using the new (and barely available) Fuji X100. Super specific, nicely done so far. It's a step on from window-shopping.

DataMapper ORM - User Guide

10/04/2011 @ 21:00 UTC

philgyford : DataMapper ORM - User Guide - There seem to be several past versions of this; I think this is the current one. Looks like just what I needed to fill the gaps in CodeIgniter that always left me frustrated with it.


10/04/2011 @ 13:00 UTC

Rod Begbie : LAB RAT - Comic bridging the end of Portal with the beginning of Portal 2. I am this: TOTALLY FUCKING PSYCHED! #

Sane Terminal Colors

10/04/2011 @ 02:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : Sane Terminal Colors - Sane Terminal Colors: some interesting tidibts for tweaking