Kyle Franklin interview

21/03/2011 @ 23:00 UTC

nelson : Kyle Franklin interview - Airshow pilots and wingwalker had a crash and fire, interview with the victim


21/03/2011 @ 20:00 UTC

joshua : Waffles

.tel, .xxx and .mobi are all pointless and idiotic

21/03/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

Eric Meyer : .tel, .xxx and .mobi are all pointless and idiotic - I'd had some of these thoughts but nothing like so crystal-clear and sharp. [via Jeremy] [via]

Tantramar: More and Moore

21/03/2011 @ 11:00 UTC

philgyford : Tantramar: More and Moore - I like this. Buying old iPod Shuffles on eBay, filling each with music by a single artist, and using them as single musical units. Music and player in one.

Hauntological Futures |

21/03/2011 @ 11:00 UTC

philgyford : Hauntological Futures | - The first of seven posts, which I'm looking forward to. I often find myself agonising over related things: a nostalgia for past futures at the expense of... well, whatever I might otherwise think about the future.

James Face

21/03/2011 @ 05:00 UTC

Andy Baio : James Face - Oli Beale likes to subtly modify his friend's Facebook photos


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by Skarpi

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