T-shirt Lifecycle

14/01/2011 @ 23:00 UTC

Rod Begbie : T-shirt Lifecycle - I need to get better at moving things to the "Donated" pile. [via#

Hacker News | Ask HN: What are the best Arduino starter projects?

14/01/2011 @ 23:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : Hacker News | Ask HN: What are the best Arduino starter projects? - Hacker News | Ask HN: What are the best Arduino starter projects?: some fun ideas

Grand Theft Auto Frictionless

14/01/2011 @ 22:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Grand Theft Auto Frictionless - setting the wheel friction to a negative number wreaks havoc with physics  [via]

1972 Internet map

14/01/2011 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : 1972 Internet map - Interesting turnover

Minecraft music: Portal

14/01/2011 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : Minecraft music: Portal - Minecraft's new music feature. Each block triggers a single note, so there's a lot of sequencing

Andy Baio : "Still Alive" in Minecraft - note blocks are new in beta 1.2  [via]


14/01/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : GrabIt - A modern Usenet client, optimized for downloading binaries

Death wears bunny slippers

14/01/2011 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Death wears bunny slippers - What it's like to be staff in a nuclear missile silo

Andy Baio : Death Wears A Snuggie - first-person account of manning a Wyoming nuclear missile silo  [via]

The science of the hashtag

14/01/2011 @ 06:00 UTC

Simon Willison : The science of the hashtag - The science of the hashtag. Interesting analysis of how the #lessambitiousmovies hash tag took off thanks to retweets from a couple of key users with very creative followers.

Rod Begbie : The science of the hashtag - Great analysis by Robin Sloan of a sizable Twitter hashtag meme. Size of followership != size of readership. #

Tolkien elf sex

14/01/2011 @ 02:00 UTC

nelson : Tolkien elf sex - Meticulously researched notes from the source

Requiem for a Dream

14/01/2011 @ 01:00 UTC

philgyford : Requiem for a Dream - Still one of my favourite websites promoting a film. Tries to convert the feeling of the film into something more about the web (of ten years ago) (in Flash). Also, it's great to see that it's still online.