Facebook ephemera

9/11/2010 @ 00:01 UTC

nelson : Facebook ephemera - Field notes about teenagers who use Facebook in an unusual way, not allowing persistent offline updates

Andy Baio : danah boyd on teens' unorthodox use of Facebook - deactivating accounts or deleting every posting regularly, persistence isn't vital for participation

Eric Meyer : Risk Reduction Strategies on Facebook - As usual, those coming up devise sensible working strategies that would never have occurred and may seem alien to their elders.

Up, not North - Automatypewriter

1/11/2010 @ 06:00 UTC

deusx : Up, not North - Automatypewriter - "The Automatypewriter is a typewriter that can type by itself: It can also detect what’s being typed on it. It can be used to send text to and/or receive text from a computer via USB. It was designed as a platform for playing interactive fiction g

Andy Baio : Automatypewriter - Arduino typewriter that plays interactive fiction games  [via]

Rod Begbie : Automatypewriter - Old school electric typewriter, rejiggered to automatically type and read your typed input, so you can play Zork.  #


30/10/2010 @ 01:00 UTC

nelson : MapCrunch - Nice randomized Google Street View images

Andy Baio : MapCrunch - teleport to a random Street View location

philgyford : MapCrunch - Random Google Street View - Really simple idea, everyone's linking to it, and it's still very lovely. Instant momentary holiday.


25/10/2010 @ 09:00 UTC

Rod Begbie : Firesheep - This is A Big Deal. Makes stealing session cookies from other computers on your local network as easy as clicking a button. Will be interesting to see how big sites respond. Are we finally going to see HTTPS deployed on all pages? [via#

Simon Willison : Firesheep - Firesheep. Oh wow. A Firefox extension that makes sniffing for insecured (non-HTTPS) cookie requests on your current WiFi network and logging in as that person a case of clicking a couple of buttons. Always possible of course, but it’s never been made [via]

cobra libre : firesheep - A proof-of-concept tool that makes HTTP session hijacking over a local network quite easy. E.g., you can use this to steal another person's Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, or Flickr account. I used it to discover that I'm the only one at the office not worki #

Andy Baio : Firesheep, simple session hijacking on public networks for Firefox - the ethics of making it easy for non-techies to spoof Twitter/Facebook/etc accounts is being hotly debated


13/10/2010 @ 19:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Backbone.js - Backbone.js. As should be expected for a DocumentCloud project, Backbone is a concise, elegant and educational take on the JavaScript MVC pattern. Depends on Underscore.js and plays well with jQuery.

philgyford : Backbone.js - What looks like a lovely way to structure large JavaScript projects into an MVC structure. (via Simon Willison)

joshua : Backbone.js

OK Cupid crunches the numbers on the gay vs. straight divide

12/10/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

Andy Baio : OK Cupid crunches the numbers on the gay vs. straight divide - debunking stereotypes about both orientations, and confirming some others

cobra libre : OkCupid: Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex: The Data - A few surprises, such as: "The Stuff Straight Men Like: Law Enforcement" #

nelson : OkCupid: Gay vs Straight - Another pop-sociology survey

Why Wesabe Lost to Mint

1/10/2010 @ 17:00 UTC

nelson : Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Amazing analysis of how a couple of product mistakes at a startup can hurt growth

Rod Begbie : Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Insightful postmortem on Wesabe. Working out what lessons I need to learn from this. #

Andy Baio : Marc Hedlund on why Wesabe lost to Mint - learning from a startup failure


29/09/2010 @ 00:00 UTC

nelson : Erkie - Play asteroids in your browser!

Andy Baio : Asteroids Bookmarklet - destroy any webpage

Rod Begbie : Webpage Asteroids - Fab bookmarklet that lets you blow the shit out of any webpage. [via#

evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies

23/09/2010 @ 08:00 UTC

Simon Willison : evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies - evercookie—virtually irrevocable persistent cookies. Mischievous genius from the chap who created the MySpace worm—evercookie attempts to set an irrevocable cookie using a whole bunch of different methods, including “storing cookies in RGB values  [via]

nelson : evercookie - Javascript library to force data into a browser in a bunch of different places, so it's hard to ever remove

Andy Baio : Evercookie, proof-of-concept undeletable tracking cookie - Ars interviewed the creator, whose name might sound familiar  [via]

Austin Seraphin's first week on the iPhone

18/09/2010 @ 08:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Austin Seraphin's first week on the iPhone - a blind user's emotional response to Apple; also, he switched from Linux to Mac last week

Rod Begbie : My First Week with the iPhone - A blind user describes the power of using an iPhone with VoiceOver. "I can safely say that the iPhone represents the most revolutionary thing to happen to the blind for at least the last ten years." [via#

nelson : iPhone as a blind user - He loves it; didn't know Apple had bothered to build voice navigation

philgyford : My First Week with the iPhoneBehind the Curtain | Behind the Curtain - I've seen this ecstatic report by a blind person about their new iPhone linked to from a few places. Forget your iPhone-fatigue and skip to the last few paragraphs where he describes using an app (Color ID) which speaks the colours the device's

Simon Willison : My First Week with the iPhone - My First Week with the iPhone. A blind user describes the experience of using VoiceOver on the iPhone, including the joy of discovering the Color Identifier app which speaks the names of colours picked up by the iPhone’s camera. “ I used color cues

Anil Dash on the cultural implications of forking

11/09/2010 @ 05:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Anil Dash on the cultural implications of forking - and Sippey forked his article  [via]

nelson : Forking is a Feature - Great reflection on how git has changed open source development

Anil : Forking is a Feature - While Linus Torvalds is best known as the creator of Linux, it's one of his more geeky creations, and the social implications of its design, that may well end up being his greatest legacy. Because Linus has, in just a few short years, changed the social d


20/08/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

joshua : Polymaps

Simon Willison : Polymaps - Polymaps. Absurdly hot: “a JavaScript library for image- and vector-tiled maps using SVG”. It can pull in image tiles from sources such as OpenStreetMap, then overlay SVG paths specified using GeoJSON. The demos make use of GeoJSON tiles for US stat

nelson : Polymaps - Overlay vector data on tile based maps on web pages.

Andy Baio : Polymaps - Stamen and SimpleGeo's JS library for gorgeous vector visualizations on map tiles  [via]

"Hallowed Ground"

16/08/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

cobra libre : "Hallowed Ground" - "Look at the photos. This neighborhood is not hallowed. The people who live and work here are not obsessed with 9/11. The blocks around Ground Zero are like every other hard-working neighborhood in New York, where Muslims are just another thread of the ci #

Eric Meyer : "Hallowed Ground" - Fits right in with my perception of NYC and what a difference a couple of blocks can make. [via John] [via]

Rod Begbie : "Hallowed Ground" - "A few photos of stuff the same distance from the World Trade Center as the 'Ground Zero Mosque'" The whole thing would be funny if it wasn't so frustratingly based on unashamed bigotry. [via#

Andy Baio : Hallowed Ground - photos of stuff the same distance from the WTC as the "Ground Zero Mosque"  [via]

Paul Graham on the long decline of Yahoo

12/08/2010 @ 08:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Paul Graham on the long decline of Yahoo - the Flickr acquisition had a halo effect too, but it was ultimately short-lived

Rod Begbie : What Happened to Yahoo - The answer is nothing. Nothing happened to Yahoo. It's been chugging along in its happy little "Holy shit! Can you believe we still exist?!" bubble for almost 15 years. #

Kellan : Paul Graham’s “What Happened to Yahoo” is spot on - Though I think we got close to changing it in the early days after the Flickr/Upcoming/Delicious acquisitions. See also Success hides problems #

Chad Dickerson on scaling startups

6/08/2010 @ 19:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Chad Dickerson on scaling startups - specifically, how to scale an engineering-driven culture

philgyford : Scaling startups - Chad Dickerson on how to grow while maintaining a startup culture. Hire well, IRC, deploy very frequently, experiment, love engineers, external transparency, embrace failure. (via Waxy)

Rod Begbie : Scaling startups - Lots of great points to think about when building a tech startup. Not enough founders consider company culture early enough. [via#

fake optical illusions

6/07/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

joshua : fake optical illusions

Andy Baio : Optical Illusion Illusions - Reddit user photoshops the illusions into popular optical illusions

Rod Begbie : Illusion Illusions - a set on Flickr - Cruel and brilliant. Optical illusions edited so they actually *do* display the behaviour commonly associated with the illusion. [via#

kanaka's noVNC at master - GitHub

23/06/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

deusx : kanaka's noVNC at master - GitHub - "VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption (wss://) support"

Rod Begbie : noVNC - Browser VNC client, implemented plugin-free in JavaScript using HTML5 websockets and canvas. I love this future. [via#

Jeremy Zawodny : kanaka's noVNC at master - GitHub - kanaka's noVNC at master - GitHub: that is insane... VNC in HTML5 (WebSockets and Canvas)

Why I Sold Zappos

7/06/2010 @ 17:00 UTC

Linkorama : Why I Sold Zappos - Tony Hsieh built his online shoe retailer into an e-commerce powerhouse. But with credit tightening and investors eyeing the exits, Hsieh was forced to ask: Was selling Zappos really the only way to save it?

nelson : Why I sold Zappos - Detailed piece by Hsieh about managing a company with a specific cultural goal

Rod Begbie : Why I Sold Zappos - Tony Hsieh tells his tale. Of course, his humble version is of evil VCs forcing the hand of the handsome founder with an amazing (and still unproven) vision. Reminds me of Philip Greenspun's one-sided tales of ArsDigita post collapse. Second bubble, sa #

How Etsy does deploys

21/05/2010 @ 00:00 UTC

Andy Baio : How Etsy does deploys - save the princess!

Rod Begbie : Quantum of Deployment - Etsy's site deployment process. Slide's is a bit more complex and a smidge more manual (since we have multiple product teams, and several branches in QA at any given time), but we can still go from git commit to live site in under 10 minutes, and did 20 [via#

nelson : Etsy deployment - They push 20 code changes to their servers a day, here's part of how

Understanding node.js

18/05/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Understanding node.js - Understanding node.js. A king providing orders to his army of servants is a much better analogy than my hyperactive squid.

Jeremy Zawodny : Understanding node.js - Understanding node.js: a good analogy

nelson : Understanding node.js - Good explanation of the interesting server-side javascript thing

xkcd color survey

4/05/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : xkcd color survey - Funny and useful all at once

Andy Baio : xkcd's Color Survey Results - most popular colors unique to women, "dusty teal" and "blush pink"; for men, "penis" and "gay"

Simon Willison : Color Survey Results - Color Survey Results. XKCD asked anonymous netizens to provide names for random colours. The results (collated from 222,500 user sessions that named over 5 million colours) are fascinating.

Apple //t, Twitter display for the Apple II

27/04/2010 @ 02:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Apple //t, Twitter display for the Apple II - everyone's favorite tweeting cat makes a cameo at 1:46 in the video  [via]

nelson : Apple //t - Great hack project, displaying Twitter messages on an old Apple //e

Rod Begbie : Apple //t - Top notch hack -- Wiring up an Apple //e to display messages (and avatars) from Twitter. Tempts me to break out a ZX Spectrum emulator… [via#

Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison

26/04/2010 @ 19:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison - Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison: Simon put together an excellent tutorial on Redis

Rod Begbie : Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison - A detailed dig into redis. I'd been meaning to look at Redis for a while, and this was a great kickstart. [via#

bmilleare : Redis tutorial, April 2010 - The excellent Redis tutorial as given by Simon Willison at NoSQL Europe in April 2010.

HTML game toolkit

21/04/2010 @ 00:00 UTC

nelson : HTML game toolkit - Akihabara, Javascript libraries for sprites, animations, pathing, etc

Andy Baio : Akihabara, open-source HTML5 pixel game toolkit - the demos are an impressive range of genres and all work on iPad/iPhone

Eric Meyer : Akihabara - The temptation to remake Seven Cities of Gold is strong. So very, very strong. [via John] [via]

Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas

11/04/2010 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas - Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas. This looks pretty awesome—Illustrator CS5 and Flash CS5 can export to a new “FXG? format, and Adobe are providing a JavaScript library to load that format via Ajax and render the contents (including Flash ani

Andy Baio : Flash CS5 to support limited HTML5 canvas export - outputs in Adobe's SVG-like FXG format, with a JS library to display in a canvas element  [via]

Greg Storey : Flash CS5 will export to HTML5 Canvas. - Is this enough to save Flash? #