Garmin synthetic vision

19/02/2010 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Garmin synthetic vision - New generation of avionics software includes 3d virtual reality view of terrain

Google Buzz dashboard

19/02/2010 @ 17:00 UTC

nelson : Google Buzz dashboard - Users now have more insight and control over Buzz. I'm impressed with how fast Google has moved to fix problems with Buzz, just a shame they didn't start this way!

jacobian's django-deployment-workshop

19/02/2010 @ 15:00 UTC

Simon Willison : jacobian's django-deployment-workshop - jacobian’s django-deployment-workshop. Notes and resources from Jacob’s 3 hour Django deployment workshop at PyCon, including example configuration files for Apache2 + mod_wsgi, nginx, PostgreSQL and pgpool.

joshua : jacobian's django-deployment-workshop at master - GitHub - django deployment


19/02/2010 @ 12:00 UTC : Photo

Making Facebook 2x Faster

19/02/2010 @ 10:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Making Facebook 2x Faster - Making Facebook 2x Faster. Facebook have a system called BigPipe which allows them to progressively send their pages to the browser as the server-side processing completes to optimise client loading time. Anyone reverse engineered this yet to figure out


19/02/2010 @ 09:00 UTC

Andy Baio : CodeOrgan - listen to your favorite website, the "About" explains the methodology  [via]

Rod Begbie : C O D E O R G A N - Analyzes a web page's source and generates music. Lovely. [via#

How it feels to have a stroke

19/02/2010 @ 02:00 UTC

cobra libre : How it feels to have a stroke #

Unicons - Readme

19/02/2010 @ 01:00 UTC

deusx : Unicons - Readme - "For times when you can't insert images into your posts, you can insert Unicons! Use this on Twitter, TypePad, Tumblr... pretty much any text field on the web that accepts unicode characters. "

Expert Labs, ThinkTank, Gina Trapani and our Grand Challenges

19/02/2010 @ 00:00 UTC

Anil : Expert Labs, ThinkTank, Gina Trapani and our Grand Challenges - A few months ago, I started as director of Expert Labs, a new independent non-profit effort with the goal of improving government by letting policy makers tap into the collective wisdom of the public. We're part of the American Association for the Advance