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Dining with Dubya

14/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Dining with Dubya - Great little reminiscence from one of the Bush daughter's friends on his casual dinners with the family

Interview with an Adware Author

14/01/2009 @ 04:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : Interview with an Adware Author - Interview with an Adware Author: heh

Andy Baio : Interview with a former adware programmer - the lengths they went to avoid detection was pretty incredible

nelson : Adware Anatomy - fascinating article about how evil malware works

White Balance explained

11/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : White Balance explained - Great, simple explanation of what white balance is and how to adjust it

Luzern travel map

9/01/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : Luzern travel map - Beautiful visualization of places you can go from Luzern

Microsoft Songsmith

9/01/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Microsoft Songsmith - Jaw-droppingly awful ad. OTOH, the researchers who made the software are the actors, so that's kinda cute

Mirror eyes

8/01/2009 @ 23:00 UTC

nelson : Mirror eyes - Amazing fish uses a focussing mirror instead of a lens to see

Don't Buy From Bigots

8/01/2009 @ 23:00 UTC

nelson : Don't Buy From Bigots - List of businesses that donated to the anti-gay measure proposition 8.

Book Burro

8/01/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : Book Burro - Firefox addon that looks up info on books in stores and libraries. Using this to help me check out a book at the library rather than buy it.


8/01/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : S3:// - Firefox extension to let you get to Amazon S3 files in your browser

Israel shooting at UN relief trucks

8/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Israel shooting at UN relief trucks - Did I really read this right?

#sqlputdowns - Twitter Search

7/01/2009 @ 22:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : #sqlputdowns - Twitter Search - #sqlputdowns - Twitter Search: heh

nelson : #sqlputdowns - Funny nerd humour

Captions vs Subtitles

7/01/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : Captions vs Subtitles - Interesting differences

[obama unicorn]

6/01/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : [obama unicorn] - Awesome Google Images search

Avoiding fake torrents

6/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Avoiding fake torrents - Practical advice for thieves who want to avoid being scammed

HIV Denial in the Internet Era

6/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : HIV Denial in the Internet Era - Review of how the Internet creates a community of nutjobs who argue HIV doesn't cause AIDS

LiveJournal on the skids

6/01/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : LiveJournal on the skids - LJ is a great example of a hugely valuable service that has never quite been a hugely valuable business

Andy Baio : Livejournal's engineering and support staff laid off? - looks like a job for the Archive Team

MacBook Wheel

6/01/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : MacBook Wheel - Very well executed parody

Douglas Bowman : The MacBook Wheel - Apple introduces revolutionary new laptop with no keyboard. My favorite quotes: Just press both sides of the wheel concurrently, and center-click, and there, you have an alphabetical listing of every file on your hard drive. Everything is just a few hundr

Ice photos

6/01/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

nelson : Ice photos - Yet another awesome Big Picture

NYT OpEd on the financial crisis

5/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : NYT OpEd on the financial crisis - Scathing, detailed argument that the government's response to the financial crisis has been exactly wrong. Read the followup, too.

Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility

5/01/2009 @ 15:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility - Travel time to major cities: A global map of Accessibility. Visualisation developed by the European Commission and the World Bank.  [via]

nelson : Travel time map - Heat map of how long it takes to get to a major city from everywhere in the world

Zim photos

5/01/2009 @ 01:00 UTC

nelson : Zim photos - Images of people using Zimbabwe's hyperinflated currency


5/01/2009 @ 01:00 UTC

nelson : wingsuits - amazing BASE jump flying

aXXo profile

2/01/2009 @ 19:01 UTC

nelson : aXXo profile - Great article about the movie pirating scene

True Blues

1/01/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : True Blues - Absolutely mind-boggling painting of presidents playing poker

Infosec pissing contests

1/01/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

nelson : Infosec pissing contests - Al3x reflects on why the computer security business is so stupid