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Hedge maze cheating

30/07/2009 @ 23:00 UTC

nelson : Hedge maze cheating - Lol

A Serious Man

30/07/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : A Serious Man - Trailer for new Coen brothers film. Looks tailor-made for @goldman

Amputee astronauts

30/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

nelson : Amputee astronauts - Makes a perverse sort of sense

Timeline of knowledge representation

30/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Timeline of knowledge representation - Amateur, but full of interesting links and stuff

how to avoid ads in gmail

30/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

wearehugh : how to avoid ads in gmail - "you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words"

nelson : Avoiding gmail ads - Simply make sure tragic words are in every mail

Andy Baio : How to Avoid Ads in Gmail - just add tragic words to your signature  [via]

Simon Willison : How to avoid ads in gmail - How to avoid ads in gmail. “After extensive testing I’ve discovered you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words in the rest of the email.?

Kirrily Robert's OSCON keynote about women in open-source projects

30/07/2009 @ 01:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Kirrily Robert's OSCON keynote about women in open-source projects - great talk, with lessons learned from two OS projects with a female majority  [via]

nelson : Women in open source - Awesome talk about gender in the open source world

Eve butterfly effect

29/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Eve butterfly effect - Nice promo video for the Eve Online game, highlights the single-server sandbox stuff

iPhone SMS exploit

29/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : iPhone SMS exploit - Buffer overflow = bad time. Phone manufacturers and carriers live in fear of bugs like this.

Hitchens on Gates arrest

29/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Hitchens on Gates arrest - Mostly been ignoring this sideshow, but Hitchens writing is dead-on

iPhone 3GI

29/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : iPhone 3GI - For the truly faithful

Rod Begbie : Apple Claims New iPhone Only Visible To Most Loyal Of Customers | The Onion - The packed auditorium, which had been listening to Jobs in hushed reverence for several minutes, then erupted into applause, with hundreds of men and women suddenly jumping to their feet and shouting, "I can see it!" "Look, there it is!" and "God, it's so #

Obama naked with unicorns

29/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Obama naked with unicorns - mostly SFW

Maker's schedule

29/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Maker's schedule - Cogent explanation of why meetings are bad for programmers

Jeremy Zawodny : Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule - Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule: yes, Paul gets it totally right here

philgyford : Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule - Seems so obvious now it's been put into words. If I have a meeting in a morning or afternoon I know that half of the day will be a right-off for all other useful work. (via Daring Fireball)

RIP Overture, Inktomi

29/07/2009 @ 17:00 UTC

nelson : RIP Overture, Inktomi - Sounds like the new deal basically replaces Yahoo's technology with Microsoft's

Email full-size photos from iPhone

29/07/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

nelson : Email full-size photos from iPhone - Copy and paste to work around the stupid resolution limit; may destroy EXIF data

Thanks for giving my pixels back

28/07/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : Thanks for giving my pixels back - Nice appreciation of the trend of web browsers to minimize their UI


28/07/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : #EAFail - Game companies really need to get the message this kind of sexist advertising won't work

Google v. Apple: Fight!

28/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Google v. Apple: Fight! - Squabble over Google Voice native apps on the iPhone. This is why Apple's closed platform is evil.

PC assembly book

28/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : PC assembly book - This is apparently the go-to resource for learning basic x86 assembly

joshua : PC Assembly Language

Pancake stacking robot

27/07/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

nelson : Pancake stacking robot - Delicious and delicate

The Good, The Bad and The Etsy

25/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : The Good, The Bad and The Etsy - Equal parts love and snark

High frequency trading

25/07/2009 @ 04:00 UTC

nelson : High frequency trading - sub-second trade speeds allow companies with fast access to the stock market to profit

Network Solutions hacked

25/07/2009 @ 04:00 UTC

nelson : Network Solutions hacked - Weren't they supposed to be the really secure company?

Bezos' 1984 apology

24/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : Bezos' 1984 apology - Jeff Bezos is one of my favourite company leaders

In the land of the Juggalos

24/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

nelson : In the land of the Juggalos - "It was like some sort of creepy religious procession for poor Midwestern teens. "

Skyhook WiFi positioning

24/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

nelson : Skyhook WiFi positioning - Part of how your iPhone knows where you are; a company wardrives and builds a database of WiFi locations