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The Movie Title Stills Collection

23/07/2009 @ 23:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : The Movie Title Stills Collection - Beautiful collection of stills taken from movie titles, categorized by decade. (Via Rumsey Taylor on Twitter.) ∞  [via]


1/07/2009 @ 16:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : </homesite> - HomeSite was the very first HTML editor I used, and I still consider it one of the best. I’m sad to hear that it’s been discontinued. ∞


13/05/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Sentinel - Stately-looking slab from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Be sure to check out the italic variant, too. Now if you’ll kindly pardon me, I’m off to ask the cat to hide my wallet. Good day. ∞ redesign: now with flexible grid sexiness

11/05/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : redesign: now with flexible grid sexiness - I don’t know how I missed this (the first person to say “Well, you’re kinda slow“ gets a visit from Uncle Orson), but the Happy Cog geniuses posted the flexible grid templates for their upcoming redesign, and they’

An Event Apart Gets It

8/05/2009 @ 16:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : An Event Apart Gets It - Best write-up of AEA ever? I do believe so. (Courtesy of one Mr. Greg Hoy.) Be sure to check out Think Brownstone’s sketchnotes from AEA Seattle, too. Lovely stuff, and it makes me miss the show even more. ∞

Wu Note Records

7/05/2009 @ 17:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Wu Note Records - Wu-Tang album covers. Classic Blue Note art direction. Simply gorgeous. Be sure to check Logan’s Flickr account for the current and future entries. ∞

District 9

1/05/2009 @ 16:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : District 9 - Hadn’t heard of this one: a new feature-length film by Neill Blomkamp, the guy behind the (slightly silly) Landfall shorts. You can see a lot of overlap between this and his earlier short, Alive in Joburg, which I highly recommend. I eat this CG ver

An Event Apart Seattle

21/04/2009 @ 01:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : An Event Apart Seattle - Wonderful web people. In less than two weeks, I’ll be speaking at An Event Apart Seattle. AEA is, as the kids say, a consistently wonderful event, and I’m absolutely thrilled/honored to be there. If you haven’t registered yet, then I wil

David Hellman releases all the artwork for “Braid?

20/04/2009 @ 03:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : David Hellman releases all the artwork for “Braid? - And I exclaim, “Holy sweet fuck.” ∞

Brad Elterman

17/04/2009 @ 03:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Brad Elterman - Some incredible (and occasionally NSFW) photos from Brad Elterman, who apparently went to every party ever thrown in the 1970s. The one of Ali might be my favorite. (Via Coudal.) ∞  [via]


16/04/2009 @ 22:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Twitshirt - It’s been a long time coming, but we’re damned thrilled it’s up: Twitshirt is Airbag‘s newest project. In short: Get your favorite tweets on t-shirts, and the site pays royalties to authors whose tweets we sell. And hey, if that’

“You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.?

11/04/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : “You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.? - The journey the Tweenbots take each time they are released in the city becomes a story of people’s willingness to engage with a creature that mirrors human characteristics of vulnerability, of being lost, and of having intention wit

Don’t use @import

10/04/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Don’t use @import - So apparently, @import will make browsers cry, whereas multiple link elements are just dandy? This is news to me. I’ll do my best to try and start caring. ∞

Findings from the 2008 ALA Web Design Survey

7/04/2009 @ 23:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Findings from the 2008 ALA Web Design Survey - A List Apart has their findings from last year’s industry-wide survey, along with a metric ton of raw, anonymized data for your stat crunching pleasure. Also, Herr Meyer did some crazy, voodoo-esque things with the site’s produ


7/04/2009 @ 22:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Nylon - Love the look. Love the reel. (Also, they say they have “viral filmic synergy.” That’s how you know they’re serious business.) ∞

Drew Warkentin relaunches

30/03/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Drew Warkentin relaunches - It is a quiet, understated affair, but Airbag’s very own Drew Warkentin relaunches his blog today. I dig his first post very much, especially since I’ve very much been in this position: fyi: Don’t go into the studio without having written

Leonard Lin’s 2009 SXSW Music Wrapup Extravaganza

26/03/2009 @ 04:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Leonard Lin’s 2009 SXSW Music Wrapup Extravaganza - Mr. Lin graces us with some fine-looking clips of fine-sounding performances that I didn’t see at a fine-sounding SXSW Music festival. Note to self: acquire everything Zaki Ibrahim has ever recorded. ∞

An interview with James White

26/03/2009 @ 04:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : An interview with James White - I’ve been a raving fanboy of White’s work for a few years now (check out his Flickr account), but doubly so now that he’s ‘fessed up to being largely self-taught, and for doing his work on an ancient Dell. Envy. I h


25/03/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : SEXY PEOPLE - I seriously doubt your monitor can handle the raw sexiness. Mine didn’t. Totally melted. I’m typing blind right now. Also? I’m tired. ∞

Doug Bowman leaves Google

20/03/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Doug Bowman leaves Google - I can’t fault Google for this reliance on data. And I can’t exactly point to financial failure or a shrinking number of users to prove it has done anything wrong. Billions of shareholder dollars are at stake. The company has millions of users aroun

Bill O’Reilly: Seductive audiobook narrator

18/03/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Bill O’Reilly: Seductive audiobook narrator - New ringtones. I has them. ∞

Voices from the Black Sites

18/03/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Voices from the Black Sites - One works the imagination trying to picture what it was like in this otherworldly place: blackness in place of vision. Silence—or “sometimes” loud music—in place of sounds of life. Shackles, together sometimes with gloves, in place of t

SimpleBits Redesigns, Internet Speechless

11/03/2009 @ 22:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : SimpleBits Redesigns, Internet Speechless - Dan drops another gorgeous bomb on his corner of the internet, redesigning with a whole host of subtle details and—can it be?—a fluid grid. Be sure to poke around; there are a lot of great little details throughout the new design

Happy Cog redesigns

11/03/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : Happy Cog redesigns - Easily my favorite entry in the stellar Happy Cog portfolio. Be sure to read Dan Mall’s entry on the fascinating little details that went into the project. Congratulations, all! ∞

The Unfinished

5/03/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : The Unfinished - That summer, [David Foster] Wallace went off the antidepressant. He hoped to be as drug free as Don Gately, and as calm. Wallace would finish the Long Thing with a clean brain. He entered this new period of life with what [Jonathan] Franzen calls “