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21/07/2009 @ 18:00 UTC

Simon Willison : moddims - moddims. Apache 2 module which exposes ImageMagick as a URL-driven service, allowing you to request an image from a whitelisted host server and resize, thumbnail or alter the quality of it.  [via]

Reverse HTTP Demo

21/07/2009 @ 16:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Reverse HTTP Demo - Reverse HTTP Demo. This is a bit of a brain teaser—a web server running in JavaScript in your browser which uses long polling comet to respond to incoming HTTP requests channelled through a “Reverse HTTP? proxy.  [via]

Early Day Motion to support Bletchley Park Museum

21/07/2009 @ 14:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Early Day Motion to support Bletchley Park Museum - Early Day Motion to support Bletchley Park Museum. Time to fire up and drop your MP a friendly note of encouragement.

The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack

20/07/2009 @ 01:00 UTC

Simon Willison : The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack - The Anatomy Of The Twitter Attack. Long-winded summary of the recent Twitter break-in, but you can scroll to the bottom for a numbered list summary. The attacker first broke in to a Twitter employee’s personal Gmail account by “recovering? it agai

Memcached 1.4.0 released

17/07/2009 @ 22:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Memcached 1.4.0 released - Memcached 1.4.0 released. The big new feature is the (optional) binary protocol, which enables other features such as CAS-everywhere and efficient client-side replication. Maintainer Dustin Sallings has also released some useful sounding EC2 instances w

Farewell to Mashup Editor

17/07/2009 @ 13:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Farewell to Mashup Editor - Farewell to Mashup Editor. It’s not just Microsoft Popfly that’s shutting down—Google Mashup Editor will be gone in four weeks time (this was announced in January). You get to keep your code, but I don’t know enough about Mashup Editor to know i

Where was the 'editorial viewpoint' at the News Innovation unconference?

17/07/2009 @ 11:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Where was the 'editorial viewpoint' at the News Innovation unconference? - Where was the ’editorial viewpoint’ at the News Innovation unconference?. Martin Belam points out that a problem with unconferences when applied to audiences outside the technology world is that techies who know how the system operates will inadvert

Popfly Shutting Down

17/07/2009 @ 10:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Popfly Shutting Down - Popfly Shutting Down. Yet another reminder that building stuff on a closed-source platform (especially a hosted service) is risky business, even from a vendor as large as Microsoft. This certainly won’t help them make the case for Azure.

Announcing Alice and Wonderland

17/07/2009 @ 09:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Announcing Alice and Wonderland - Announcing Alice and Wonderland. Continuing the RabbitMQ “stuff to do with rabbits? naming convention, Alice is a RESTful interface to RabbitMQ which exposes information about vhosts/queues/users/exchanges/etc as JSON. Wonderland is a web UI for Rab

TurboGears on Sourceforge

17/07/2009 @ 03:00 UTC

Simon Willison : TurboGears on Sourceforge - TurboGears on Sourceforge. Sourceforge recently relaunched, powered by TurboGears 2 and MongoDB. Mark Ramm has the details.

Why an OAuth iframe is a Great Idea

16/07/2009 @ 21:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Why an OAuth iframe is a Great Idea - Why an OAuth iframe is a Great Idea. Because users should a) learn to be phished and b) not even be given the option to avoid being phished if they know what they’re doing? No, no and thrice no. If you want to improve the experience, use a popup windo

Curating conversations

16/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Curating conversations - Curating conversations. Chris Thorpe has open-sourced the Guardian’s moderated Twitter backchannel app, for displaying back channels at high profile (and hence high potential for abuse) events. It’s a Python application that runs on App Engine.

NaCl: Networking and Cryptography library

16/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : NaCl: Networking and Cryptography library - NaCl: Networking and Cryptography library. A new high level cryptography library. “NaCl advances the state of the art by improving security, by improving usability and by improving speed.? Ambitious claims, but DJB is one of the core maintainers.

Nmap 5.00 Release Notes

16/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : Nmap 5.00 Release Notes - Nmap 5.00 Release Notes: wow, lots of cool new stuff in nmap 5

Simon Willison : Nmap 5.00 Release Notes - Nmap 5.00 Release Notes. Released today, “the most important Nmap release since 1997?. New features include Ncat, a powerful netcat alternative, Ndiff, a utility for comparing scan results so you can spot changes to your network, and a new Nmap Scri

IanVisits: London Events Calendar

16/07/2009 @ 19:00 UTC

Simon Willison : IanVisits: London Events Calendar - IanVisits: London Events Calendar. Ian Mansfield maintains a superb calendar of cultural (and geeky) events in London. Lectures, tours, bat walks, film screenings... did you know there’s a Festival of Model Tramways this weekend?

philgyford : IanVisits London Events Guide - Fantastic guide of interesting things going on in London. I'd like an iCal file, but otherwise, handy stuff. (via Simon Willison)


16/07/2009 @ 11:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Keyspace - Keyspace. Yet Another Key-Value Store—this one focuses on high availability, with one server in the cluster serving as master (and handling all writes), and the paxos algorithm handling replication and ensuring a new master can be elected should the e

joshua : Scalien - Keyspace - distributed k/v store

Google's Chiller-less Data Center

16/07/2009 @ 10:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Google's Chiller-less Data Center - Google’s Chiller-less Data Center. Google are operating an outside data center in Belgium with no chillers (refrigeration units used to cool water, but at a high cost in energy) making “local weather forecasting a larger factor in its data center m

You should follow me on Twitter

15/07/2009 @ 11:00 UTC

Simon Willison : You should follow me on Twitter - You should follow me on Twitter. Dustin Curtis did a simple A/B testing experiment on his blog and found that the text “you should follow me on Twitter? had the highest click-through rate—173% more effective than “I’m on Twitter?.

Cameron Moll : You should follow me on Twitter here - Dustin Curtis tested various phrases for encouraging his readers to follow him on Twitter, and his write-up explains "You should follow me on twitter here" had the highest conversion rate for his readership. Be sure to peruse Dustin's other posts, written

Slouching towards Bethlehem

15/07/2009 @ 10:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Slouching towards Bethlehem - Slouching towards Bethlehem. Photos of the various installations that contributed to the construction of the first atom bomb.

Meta Is Murder

14/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Meta Is Murder - Meta Is Murder. I hadn’t realised how important MetaTalk was in ensuring high quality discussions on MetaFilter, by ensuring that meta-discussions happened somewhere else. Speaking of which, happy birthday MetaFilter.

Twenty questions about the GPL

14/07/2009 @ 00:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Twenty questions about the GPL - Twenty questions about the GPL. Jacob kicks off a fascinating discussion about GPLv3.

Social Media Icons

9/07/2009 @ 17:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Social Media Icons - Social Media Icons. Paul Robert Lloyd: “ In the past I’ve used site favicons, but these can often be visually inconsistent?—so he’s put together a tasty set of icons for different social websites with a consistent visual feel, available in fou

philgyford : Social Media Icons — Paul Robert Lloyd - Handy sometime I expect. Standardised icons for services, in four sizes.

App Engine outage postmortem

9/07/2009 @ 13:00 UTC

Simon Willison : App Engine outage postmortem - App Engine outage postmortem. Interesting peek behind the scenes. The primary cause of the error was a bug in a GFS (Google File System) Master server caused by a MapReduce process sending a malformed filehandle, reminiscent of the error which took down

Desktop Couch initial code

9/07/2009 @ 12:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Desktop Couch initial code - Desktop Couch initial code. More from Stuart Langridge on the project to make CouchDB available as a desktop service, providing free synchronisation between machines and a way for different applications to interrogate each other’s structured data.


8/07/2009 @ 20:00 UTC

Simon Willison : YQL: INSERT INTO internet - YQL: INSERT INTO internet. insert into twitter.status (status,username,password) values (“Playing with INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE in YQL?, “twitterusername?,“twitterpassword?)

Andy Baio : Yahoo Query Language lets you INSERT INTO the Internet - insert into {table} (status, username, password) values ("new tweet from YQL", "twitterusername", "twitterpassword")  [via]