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NSW Photography Rights

5/01/2006 @ 03:10 UTC

Charles Miller : NSW Photography Rights - Now that I'm taking a lot of photos in public places, I should probably carry around a hard-copy of this PDF that explains what my rights are.

Free Music

30/12/2005 @ 01:09 UTC

Rod Begbie : Free Music - Kristin Hersh has released a new EP as free creativecommons-licensed FLAC files. [via#

Charles Miller : Free Music - Kristin (ex- Throwing Muses) Hersh's new band, 50FOOTWAVE, has a creative commons-licensed EP online called, appropriately enough, Free Music. Worth a listen. (via jwz)

How We Name Confluence Releases

23/12/2005 @ 03:08 UTC

Charles Miller : How We Name Confluence Releases - Mike shows how we give each Confluence release a little bit of character on the Atlassian Developer Blog.

Klingon Wedding

25/10/2005 @ 14:56 UTC

Charles Miller : Klingon Wedding - A photo of a real Klingon Wedding. Be sure to flick through the rest of while you're there.

The Box-Office Slump is a Myth

5/10/2005 @ 01:56 UTC

Charles Miller : The Box-Office Slump is a Myth - Screenwriter John August examines the numbers, and discovers that this year's supposed box-office slump is a convenient illusion.

Joss Whedon Interview

1/10/2005 @ 17:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Joss Whedon Interview - Really interesting twenty-minute interview with Joss Whedon in the Sydney Morning Herald about Serenity, Wonder Woman, and whether he'd want to direct a Harry Potter movie.

While My Ukelele Gently Weeps

19/08/2005 @ 03:55 UTC

Charles Miller : While My Ukelele Gently Weeps - The title alone, "While My Ukelele Gently Weeps", sounds like it should have poor George Harrison turning in his grave. Surprisingly, it's damn impressive. (Via Ned)

Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

17/08/2005 @ 03:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Developing Cocoa Applications with Python - Apple Developer Connection: Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python.


17/08/2005 @ 03:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Mail::RFC822::Address - Determine if an email address is valid according to RFC-822, with this 6200 character Perl regular expression. (via Ned)

Hibernate vs Spring

13/08/2005 @ 08:56 UTC

Charles Miller : Hibernate vs Spring - Hibernate: wikipage doubleplusungood refs unperson rewrite fullwise upsub antefiling.

How To Fly The Space Shuttle

9/08/2005 @ 13:56 UTC

kayodeok : How To Fly The Space Shuttle - When you are bringing a powered plane in for landing, if you think you are not quite going to make it to the runway, it is no big deal.. just a add a bit of power to cover the extra distance! Need a little more speed maybe? Again no problem: Just add powe

Charles Miller : How to land the Space Shuttle - As Discovery gets final clearance for touchdown, here's the guide to landing the Space Shuttle manually in the X-Plane simulator.

A Rocket to Nowhere

4/08/2005 @ 22:56 UTC

Andy Baio : A Rocket to Nowhere - Maciej Ceglowski's excellent article on the problems with NASA's manned space flight program

jimray : An unimpassioned look at the shuttle - With a great historical perspective I had never heard

joshua : rocket to nowhere - maciej versus the space shuttle: FIGHT

kayodeok : A Rocket To Nowhere - "Clearly this primitive space plane must have been a sacred artifact, used in religious rituals to deliver sacrifice to a sky god"

znarf : A Rocket To Nowhere #

deusx : Idle Words: A Rocket to Nowhere - "As tempting as it is to picture a blood-spattered Canadarm flinging goat carcasses into the void, we know that the Shuttle is the fruit of what was supposed to be a rational decision making process."

jkottke : Fantastic must-read article slamming NASA with regard to the Space Shuttle program - I've been following Maciej's links about the Shuttle for weeks now and was wondering if he'd get around to writing it up. Worth the wait.

Milo Vermeulen : Idle Words - A Rocket To Nowhere [via]

Charles Miller : A Rocket To Nowhere - Maciej Ceglowski points out that the NASA shuttle program has no clothes.

Quote of the Day

1/08/2005 @ 04:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Quote of the Day - Rogers Cadenhead: "Sendmail problems are like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. You have to kill them a couple of times just to make sure they're really dead."

Depressing Classic Rock MIDI

30/07/2005 @ 02:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Depressing Classic Rock MIDI - For Alan: Depressing Classic Rock MIDI.

Echinacea out in the cold

28/07/2005 @ 15:55 UTC

Charles Miller : Echinacea out in the cold - A comprehensive study finds echinacea is completely ineffective as a cold remedy. Eat that, herb-lovers.

Is Mac OS X Becoming Crufty?

28/07/2005 @ 04:55 UTC

znarf : Is Mac OS X Becoming Crufty? [via#

Charles Miller : Is Mac OX X Becoming Crufty? - Tao of Mac: Is Mac OX X Becoming Crufty? I'm not sure if it's becoming crufty as a whole, but Tiger was definitely released before it was fully cooked.

When (not) To Use LinkedList

13/07/2005 @ 04:56 UTC

Charles Miller : When (not) To Use LinkedList - Dr Kabutz tests the performance of LinkedList, and discovers the performance benefit of removing an item from the middle of the list is dwarfed by the cost of finding it in the first place.

Google Earth Hacks

11/07/2005 @ 17:56 UTC

kayodeok : Google Earth Hacks - Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth

joshua : Google Earth Hacks

Charles Miller : Google Earth Hacks - Google Earth Hacks - fun stuff to do with Google Earth.

Pursuing Sudoku with Pseudo-code

23/06/2005 @ 09:57 UTC

Charles Miller : Pursuing Sudoku with Pseudo-code - OddThinking » Pursuing Sudoku with Pseudo-code.

Fire And Other Emergency Services Tunes

15/06/2005 @ 03:56 UTC

Charles Miller : Fire And Other Emergency Services Tunes - Jack's Fire And Other Emergency Services Tunes. A 175 song MIDI extravaganza, including "Blazing Saddles", "Light My Fire" and "Safety Dance, The"

Rotary dial mobile

20/05/2005 @ 07:57 UTC

Charles Miller : Rotary dial mobile - I want a rotary dial mobile phones for the train - my birthday's coming up. Hint. Hint. (via Lars Fischer)

Flying Dog

12/05/2005 @ 02:56 UTC

Charles Miller : Flying Dog - If you're going to do aerobatics, give your dog a seatbelt. (via Simon)

Python Challenge

10/05/2005 @ 02:56 UTC

Charles Miller : Python Challenge - The Python Challenge: a collection of puzzles to solve by writing Python scripts. (I'd love to see somebody do it in S/370 assembler.)

Useful Windows Software

4/05/2005 @ 07:56 UTC

Isofarro : Useful Windows Software

kayodeok : Useful Windows Software - This is an organized list of all the software mentioned in the most recent incarnation of the perennial "post some cool software" thread in SH/SC

Charles Miller : Useful Windows Software - A giant list of Useful Windows Software

ClearType for Windows and LCD screens

12/04/2005 @ 02:56 UTC

Charles Miller : ClearType for Windows and LCD screens - If you are a Windows users with a laptop or LCD screen, you should turn on ClearType. (I'm posting this to Quicklinks because Charles has turned off comments, and I don't want to hear from Mac users.)