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Accessibility From The Ground Up

20/01/2005 @ 18:56 UTC

doug : Accessibility From The Ground Up - Matt May writes a good, comprehensive overview on the basics of web accessibility.

Isofarro : Accessibility From The Ground Up - 'Use no words at all to describe spacers. It sounds like a funny request, until you’ve heard a dozen sites repeating 'this image is for visual layout only' a hundred or so times.'

Kayode Okeyode : Accessibility From The Ground Up: A Primer for the Web designer

Philippe Janvier : Accessibility From The Ground Up - "It's official. Cascading style sheets are good—especially when they're used". [via#

The Mobile Dilemma

18/01/2005 @ 13:55 UTC

doug : The Mobile Dilemma - Steven Huang answers some of my questions on developing for mobile browsers, and expands on the handheld media type from a mobile browser engineer?s perspective.

Big, Stark & Chunky

12/01/2005 @ 11:56 UTC

Anne van Kesteren : Big, Stark & Chunky - Zoom! #

Isofarro : Big, Stark & Chunky - Alternative css styles that cater for low vision people. Backed up by usability tests

Richard Rutter : Big, Stark & Chunky - Using CSS to give low-vision folks what they need (filed under Accessibility).

Paul Hammond : Big, Stark & Chunky: A List Apart - But the ball is now in your court

doug : Big, Stark & Chunky - Joe Clark wrote a good article a couple weeks ago on alternative layouts for low-vision folks.

10/01/2005 @ 22:55 UTC

Anne van Kesteren : - Now I really need an iPod! #

Dan Cederholm : podSites - A new site that explains how to create and organize content for your iPod.

Simon Willison : - Resources for creating mini websites to load on to iPods.

Richard Rutter : podSites - How to create ‘websites’ for use on an iPod (filed under Tools & software).

doug : podSites - I?m still behing the game, catching up. John and Russ launched this site a couple weeks ago to cover and index the mini-resources available for iPods.

Descent of the American Empire

30/10/2004 @ 00:04 UTC

doug : Descent of the American Empire - Interesting commentary by Steven Garrity. Some generalizations made, but also interesting reading the discussion building in the comments (except for the trolls).

Firefox on the Move

27/10/2004 @ 01:58 UTC

doug : Firefox on the Move - (No description)

Quick/dirty intro to AX

27/10/2004 @ 01:55 UTC

doug : Quick/dirty intro to AX - (No description)

Kayode Okeyode : A quick and dirty introduction to accessibility

Ethan Marcotte : Quick and dirty intro to accessibility - Great little primer. Via Stopdesign.

What is a web standard?

27/10/2004 @ 00:55 UTC

doug : What is a web standard? - (No description)

Dan Cederholm : What is a web standard? - Molly hits the nail on the head, with some great points on implied goals, de facto standards and more.

Isofarro : What is a web standard - Molly separates the best practice from the 'web standard'.

Paul Hammond : - what is a web standard? - Web "standards" aren't.

Kayode Okeyode : What is a web standard?

MT keeps growing

10/10/2004 @ 13:56 UTC

doug : MT keeps growing - Six Apart just added Jay Allen to the team. Congrats Jay.

Eric on CSS @ Apple Pro

6/10/2004 @ 08:58 UTC

doug : Eric on CSS @ Apple Pro - Eric Meyer featured at Apple Pro.

Anne van Kesteren : Turning the Tables Using CSS (Apple - Pro/Words - Eric Meyer) - is heading the right direction [via#

Zen Book Coming

3/10/2004 @ 04:58 UTC

doug : Zen Book Coming - At Web Essentials, Dave announced the upcoming New Riders book on the Zen Garden.

Dan Cederholm : The Zen of CSS Design - A forthcoming book by Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag.

Ten for Big John

13/09/2004 @ 19:56 UTC

doug : Ten for Big John - One of the people I?ve always wanted to see interviewed, as he?s one of the friendliest and most helpful persons in the standards community.

Eric Meyer : Ten Questions for John Gallant (Big John) - Sometimes, it's better if you don't know how a person looks. I'm trying to decide if this is one of those times. Great interview regardless.

Dan Cederholm : Ten Questions for (Big) John Gallant - The Web Standards Group interviews the master CSS bug hunter.

2-col Tableless Layout

13/09/2004 @ 17:56 UTC

doug : 2-col Tableless Layout - Petr Stanicek (aka pixy) documents techniques for producing 2-column tableless layouts, including a nice simple diagram of how Sliding Faux Columns works.

Paul Hammond : [ws] 2-col tableless layout | Dvousloupcový beztabulkový layout - Sometimes you may need two columns of the same height in your layout

Style Master Templates Competition

7/09/2004 @ 06:55 UTC

Eric Meyer : Style Master Templates Competition - Design templates and maybe win some cash, not to mention have your template used by future users of Style Master.

doug : Style Master Contest Winners - Winners of the Style Master template competition

Merlin's 43 Folders

6/09/2004 @ 19:55 UTC

doug : Merlin's 43 Folders - Merlin Mann (of Kung Fu Grippe and 5ives fame) is finally sharing and documenting all his productivity tips, lifehacks, Mac OS X tricks, and the rest of the voodoo he uses to organize and get things done. He?s updating it throughout September, maybe longe

Andy Baio : Merlin Mann's 43 Folders - Merlin's new site full of nifty productivity and software hacks

anildash : merlin's 43 folders - tech tips from a supergeek

Paul Hammond : 43 Folders - the digital parking lot for Merlin's OSX tricks, productivity hints, and assorted lifehacks

Graham Leuschke : 43 folders - great stuff from Merlin, a little OSX-heavy, but the `life hacks' are excellent

Matthew M. Boedicker : 43 Folders, a bunch of tricks, hacks and other cool stuff

Steve Cook : 43 folders - Improving your workflow, electronically and in the real world.

Sliding Faux Columns

4/09/2004 @ 05:55 UTC

doug : Sliding Faux Columns - Eric gives his side of the story on the technique, and talks about its drawbacks (and missed opportunities of CSS in general) that make it seem equal with using a table for these rarer grid-needing layout cases.

François Nonnenmacher : Sliding Faux Columns - Check Liquid Bleach from Douglas Bowman too

Anne van Kesteren : Sliding Faux Columns - For liquid stuff. (AKA CSS tip #2456) #

Clément Hardoüin : Sliding faux columns - La solution ultime pour se passser des tableaux pour la mise en page web ?

Paul Hammond : Eric's Archived Thoughts: Sliding Faux Columns - The markup isn't exactly pretty

Richard Rutter : Sliding Faux Columns - For liquid layouts with two column having different backgrounds (filed under CSS techniques). [via wg]

Absolutely relative

1/09/2004 @ 19:55 UTC

doug : Absolutely relative - Joe Gillespie delves into the relationship of absolute and relative positioning.

Ethan Marcotte : Absolutely relative - Joe Gillespie explores the relationship between relative and absolute positioning. Muy worth your time.

Pocket-Sized Design

1/09/2004 @ 07:55 UTC

doug : Pocket-Sized Design - Tips for ensuring content displays well on small-screen devices, especially in Opera.

Anne van Kesteren : Pocket-Sized Design: Taking Your Website to the Small Screen - CSS tip #3256 #

Isofarro : Pocket-sized design: Taking your website to the small screen - semantic markup and other tips for catering for small screens.

Dan Cederholm : Pocket-Sized Design - Great strategies for handheld devices. Many of the tips would benefit full-sized design as well.

Richard MacManus : Pocket-Sized Design: Taking Your Website to the Small Screen - Timely ala article.

History of the homepage

30/08/2004 @ 23:55 UTC

Andy Baio : History of the homepage - I linked to the 1995 version [via]  [via]

doug : throughout the ages - Alex takes a short trip back through Apple home pages with the WayBack machine. (via Anil)

anildash : history of apple's homepages - the best evidence that it's a good design is that it hasn't changed in years

Wayne Burkett : throughout the ages - Apple's homepage 1995-Present #

François Nonnenmacher : throughout the ages - Look at from 1997 to 2002

BBEdit 8.0

30/08/2004 @ 18:55 UTC

doug : BBEdit 8.0 - BareBones just released the latest version of BBEdit, with all kinds of new features ? including better window management and even more flexibility.

Jon Hicks : BBEdit 8.0 is out - Impressive feature list in this majot upgrade – it may yet win a place back in my heart


30/08/2004 @ 04:55 UTC

doug : Seagulls - Dunstan captures a great shot, almost doesn?t look real.

iTunes + iPod Video

27/08/2004 @ 20:56 UTC

doug : iTunes + iPod Video - Awesome use of imagery and type. Fun posters halfway through. (via AJ)

Style Gala, sélection de jolis sites CSS

25/08/2004 @ 12:56 UTC

Clément Hardoüin : Style Gala, sélection de jolis sites CSS - Un nouveau clone de CSSVault, après CSSBeauty, à quand un site recensant les plus beaux sites recensant les plus beaux sites CSS ? -

doug : Stylegala - ?The finest CSS and Web Standards resource? ? another nice gallery-presented collection of standards-based designs, with comments from the site proprietor and visitors.

Dan Cederholm : Stylegala - A new CSS and web standards site gallery.

Jon Hicks : Stylegala October Star ★ - Thanks to everyone who voted and gave the new Hicksdesign an October Star! I’m well chuffed!

How eight pixels cost Microsoft millions

25/08/2004 @ 06:55 UTC

doug : How eight pixels cost Microsoft millions - Past accounts of social and cultural blunders that offended customers and caused Microsoft?s software to be banned in at least two countries.

Happy 5, Blogger

25/08/2004 @ 00:55 UTC

doug : Happy 5, Blogger - ?We just launched a cool new tool at Pyra. It?s called Blogger. It?s an automated weblog publishing tool.?