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Bugmenot, open accounts for popular websites

14/01/2004 @ 17:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Bugmenot, open accounts for popular websites - is the most popular

Jeremy Zawodny :

Steve Cook : - Read websites without filling out obnoxious registration forms (I'm looking at -you-, LA Times!)

Kayode Okeyode : Bug Me Not

Rod Begbie : - Save registering for sites such as latimes or nytimes by using a fake login.

Adam Gessaman : Bug Me Not - Is sharing passwords still legal? I can’t find the link, but I thought it was legally questionable in Bush’s America™.

Nelson Minar : BugMeNot - bypass web site registrations

Richard Rutter : BugMeNot bookmarklet - Bypass compulsory Web registration for newspapers etc (filed under New media industry).

If English was written like Chinese

4/01/2004 @ 16:00 UTC

gleuschk : If English was written like Chinese - hanzi and yingzi

Steve Cook : Yingzi: If English was written like Chinese - A surprisingly useful and easily understood introduction to the Chinese ideogram system. That rhyming thing must be a bitch to learn.

Nelson Minar : English ideograms - Yingzi: if English were written like Chinese (via Evan)

4096 Color Wheel

16/12/2003 @ 13:00 UTC

Paul Hammond : 4096 Color Wheel - Hover over the wheel to view colors.

Ethan Marcotte : Pimpin' 4096 color wheel - The first and last time I use "pimpin'" to describe anything RGB. Um, dogg.

Graham Leuschke : 4096 Color Wheel - only moderately useful, but very well done

Nelson Minar : 4096 color wheel - Usable colour picker, although weirdly restricted to 12 bits

Eric Meyer : 4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 - Very cool, and nicely scripted. Suddenly the Color Blender seems like a Model T with flat tires. [via Dave] [via]


16/12/2003 @ 01:06 UTC

Simon Willison : Synergy - Easily share a single mouse/keyboard between multiple PCs running multiple OSs (via)

deusx : Synergy - "Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware."

Rod Begbie : Synergy - Not the Mac iTunes app -- The kick-ass keyboard + mouse sharer, if you have two computers and two monitors on your desk. Ace! #

nelson : Synergy mouse hack - simple client to let you share a mouse and keyboard among different computers. supports linux, windows, mac.

Jeremy Zawodny : Synergy - Synergy: "With synergy, all the computers on your desktop form a single virtual screen. You use the mouse and keyboard of only one of the computers while you use all of the monitors on all of the computers." It's cross-platform x2vnc, sort


8/12/2003 @ 17:00 UTC

Jeremy Zawodny : monit

jcgregorio : monit - process control

nelson : monit: barking at daemons - System to keep daemons running smoothly

mysql gotchas

24/11/2003 @ 08:56 UTC

Mark Pilgrim : mysql gotchas - it's not a bug, it's a feature

François Hodierne : MySQL Gotchas

Paul Hammond : MySQL Gotchas - A "gotcha" is a feature or function which works as advertised - but not as expected.

Jeremy Zawodny : MySQL Gotchas

Charles Miller : MySQL Gotchas - MySQL Gotchas. MySQL screws up your data faster than any other database! (via Chu Yeow)

Nelson Minar : MySQL gotchas - "When NULL is not NULL" (via Eric Case)

Kayode Okeyode : MySQL Gotchas

Robot Wisdom takes a nap

20/11/2003 @ 19:13 UTC

Andy Baio : Robot Wisdom takes a nap - hasn't updated since early October; is Jorn alive?

Matthew M. Boedicker : Robot Wisdom is back

Nelson Minar : Robot Wisdom is back - I missed Jorn. (via Waxy)

Use the Squeezebox to wirelessly stream mp3s from your PC to your stereo system

18/11/2003 @ 16:13 UTC

jkottke : Use the Squeezebox to wirelessly stream mp3s from your PC to your stereo system

Les Orchard : Slim Devices : Free Your Music!

Wayne Burkett : Squeezebox : Free Your Music!

Nelson Minar : Squeezebox v3 - Network MP3 player. Now! Not ugly!

Rod Begbie : Slim Devices : Squeezebox - The new Squeezebox is gorgeous. Throw in excellent format support (MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC and FLAC) and an open-source server, and it's a geek's dream. [via#