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Colored boxes

16/01/2004 @ 01:00 UTC

Simon Willison : Colored boxes - Another great CSS tutorial from Russ Weakley

Kayode Okeyode : Colored boxes - one method of building full CSS layouts

Richard MacManus : Maxdesign: Using coloured boxes to build CSS layouts - Very useful tutorial (via CSS Vault).

Bugmenot, open accounts for popular websites

14/01/2004 @ 17:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Bugmenot, open accounts for popular websites - nytimes.com is the most popular

Jeremy Zawodny : bugmenot.com

Steve Cook : BugMeNot.com - Read websites without filling out obnoxious registration forms (I'm looking at -you-, LA Times!)

Kayode Okeyode : Bug Me Not

Rod Begbie : BugMeNot.com - Save registering for sites such as latimes or nytimes by using a fake login.

Adam Gessaman : Bug Me Not - Is sharing passwords still legal? I can’t find the link, but I thought it was legally questionable in Bush’s America™.

Nelson Minar : BugMeNot - bypass web site registrations

Richard Rutter : BugMeNot bookmarklet - Bypass compulsory Web registration for newspapers etc (filed under New media industry).

XML and Databases

3/01/2004 @ 07:00 UTC

Jeff Veen : XML and Databases - A nice primer on the subject

Kayode Okeyode : XML and Databases

Understanding Object Oriented Programming

20/12/2003 @ 03:00 UTC

Wayne Burkett : Understanding Object Oriented Programming

Kayode Okeyode : Understanding Object Oriented Programming

On search: the series

19/12/2003 @ 13:00 UTC

Richard Rutter : On search: the series - (Tools & software) Tim Bray’s series of essays on full text search [via]

kayodeok : On Search, the Series - This series of essays on the construction, deployment and use of search technologywas written between June and December of 2003. It has fifteen instalments not including this table of contents

CSS diagrams

16/12/2003 @ 23:00 UTC

Ethan Marcotte : CSS diagrams - Very cool, and they scale nicely.

Wayne Burkett : CSS Diagrams - A valid HTML/CSS state transition diagram

Simon Willison : CSS Diagrams - Pushing CSS towards SVG. (via)

Kayode Okeyode : CSS Diagrams

A good introduction to latent semantic indexing

14/12/2003 @ 08:00 UTC

Erik Benson : A good introduction to latent semantic indexing - +

Kayode Okeyode : Patterns in Unstructured Data

Python to Perl Language Translation

11/12/2003 @ 21:46 UTC

Simon Willison : Python to Perl Language Translation - Going the other way would be far more interesting (via)

Ben Milleare : Perthon (Python -> Perl)

Kayode Okeyode : Perthon -- Python to Perl Language Translation

The Poetry of Programming

10/12/2003 @ 22:14 UTC

Simon Willison : The Poetry of Programming - More on the Master of Fine Arts in Software (via)

Kayode Okeyode : The Poetry of Programming

MOZiE: Gecko/MSHTML Comparison Tool

24/11/2003 @ 22:52 UTC

Paul Hammond : MOZiE: Gecko/MSHTML Comparison Tool - allows web designers the ability to compare page rendering in Mozilla and Internet Explorer

Kayode Okeyode : MOZiE: Gecko/MSHTML Comparison Tool

mysql gotchas

24/11/2003 @ 08:56 UTC

Mark Pilgrim : mysql gotchas - it's not a bug, it's a feature

François Hodierne : MySQL Gotchas

Paul Hammond : MySQL Gotchas - A "gotcha" is a feature or function which works as advertised - but not as expected.

Jeremy Zawodny : MySQL Gotchas

Charles Miller : MySQL Gotchas - MySQL Gotchas. MySQL screws up your data faster than any other database! (via Chu Yeow)

Nelson Minar : MySQL gotchas - "When NULL is not NULL" (via Eric Case)

Kayode Okeyode : MySQL Gotchas

inaccessibility of visually-oriented anti-robot tests

16/11/2003 @ 20:50 UTC

Mark Pilgrim : inaccessibility of visually-oriented anti-robot tests - cure worse than the disease

cobra libre : inaccessibility of visually-oriented anti-robot tests - a W3C report on CAPTCHAs and the like [via#

kayodeok : Inaccessibility of Visually-Oriented Anti-Robot Tests - This document examines a number of potential solutions that allow systems to test for human users while preserving access by users with disabilities