TypeKey: whoop there it is!

20/03/2004 @ 02:00 UTC

Erik Benson : TypeKey: whoop there it is! - I'm curious to see how many of the talkr.net features they'll be implementing, and then whether or not I should still build it.

Andy Baio : Typekey, central authentication for blog comments - not limited to MovableType blogs, either [via]

cobra libre : typekey: single signon for weblogs, etc. - could be good, could be bad

anildash : an introduction to TypeKey - we've built an entire service just so people developing cool things don't have to build login systems

jkottke : TypeKey, authentication services for weblogs - TypeKey, authentication services for weblogs (I wonder if you could hack MT 3.0 to use Flickr for authentication instead...)

Dan Cederholm : TypeKey - Free comment authentication from Six Apart

Adam Gessaman : TypeKey -- just the basics - I guess it’ll be a race to see who can secure the username ‘adam’ first. Please Santa SixApart, let it be me.

Mark Pilgrim : typekey - knowing ben, i bet it's a friendly layer on top of pgp

Paul Hammond : TypeKey - a free, open system providing a central identity that anyone can use to log in and post comments on blogs and other web sites

François Hodierne : TypeKey - Les services d'authentification, nouvel eldorado ?

Weblog shrinky-dinks

8/01/2004 @ 19:00 UTC

Andy Baio : Weblog shrinky-dinks - my blog is longer than your blog

Jeremy Zawodny : weblog snapshots

gleuschk : itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny weblogs - mine's longer than yours

Ethan Marcotte : Blog snapshots - Maybe taken for no particular reason, but entertaining stuff.

Anil Dash : i have a short weblog - sippey's taken some cool-looking pictures of a couple of weblogs, including mine

Wayne Burkett : Weblog snapshots - Linked and created for no particular reason

Jeff Veen : weblog snapshots - It's an honor just to be nominated.

Tom Coates : Sippey's snapshots of weblogs circa Jan 2004 - Sippey's snapshots of weblogs circa Jan 2004

Paul Hammond : weblog snapshots - for no particular reason

Erik Benson : 10 weblog shrinky dinks--they look so nice together like this - +

Philippe Janvier : Weblog snapshots - "For no particular reason". Where's mine :)