1980s Leningrad music

2 month ago

nelson : 1980s Leningrad music - A forgotten era in Soviet dance and experimental video


3 month ago

nelson : Infuse - Another movie player for iPad

Lag and CRTs in games

6 month ago

nelson : Lag and CRTs in games - Serious Smash Bros player talks about why analog displays are still preferred


6 month ago

nelson : HandBrakeBatch - Fix the one drawback of HandBrake

Twitch IAmA

10 month ago

nelson : Twitch IAmA - Twitch CEO answers Reddit questions in the wake of very contentious content destruction

Google really buying Twitch

10 month ago

nelson : Google really buying Twitch - Still not official, but a strong journalistic source

ScanLine Generator 3000

10 month ago

nelson : ScanLine Generator 3000 - For reproducing the look of crappy old CRTs

Twitch is 10% of YouTube

11 month ago

nelson : Twitch is 10% of YouTube - As measured by bandwidth, Twitch accounts for 1.35% of Internet traffic

MPEG Streamclip

11 month ago

nelson : MPEG Streamclip - It's a bit ghetto, but it's simple software for trimming a video and saving it.

Football video tracking

11 month ago

nelson : Football video tracking - Cameras on field in real time track player, ball movements

Google Video Quality Report

12 month ago

nelson : Google Video Quality Report - Independent view of ISP quality


12 month ago

nelson : /r/montageparodies - Satirizing over-hyped game videos. Mom get your camera.

Plex on Chromecast

18 month ago

nelson : Plex on Chromecast - Best video library app supports Google's Internet/TV dongle

Accent Tag

18 month ago

nelson : Accent Tag - Fun YouTube thing where people post videos of them reading a few stock phrases

Shibe in Space

19 month ago

nelson : Shibe in Space - Hilarious Japanese ad

Nairobi mall CCTV footage

19 month ago

nelson : Nairobi mall CCTV footage - Astoundingly detailed video of the terrorist attack

Chromecast Teardown

22 month ago

nelson : Chromecast Teardown - Not much inside, but it seems to work


23 month ago

nelson : youtube-dl - Download YouTube, Vimeo, and other videos. Quite capable


23 month ago

nelson : vinecrawler - third party search engine for Vine videos


27 month ago

nelson : Rokoding - Advice for transcoding video files for the Roku/Plex. "Apple TV 2" preset is pretty close.

Roku/Plex slow start

28 month ago

nelson : Roku/Plex slow start - Remarkably useful thread about a video performance problem. (Known bug, fix not yet released)

Beamer for Mac

29 month ago

nelson : Beamer for Mac - Simple way to play video on AppleTV


32 month ago

nelson : WEB-DL vs HDTV - A pirate's guide

loan origination software companies

33 month ago

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quick cash no fax

33 month ago

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