WSJ on Null Island

11 days ago

nelson : WSJ on Null Island - Fun article with lots of friends

OpenGL and Macs

11 days ago

nelson : OpenGL and Macs - Interesting detail from Blizzard about how they support OpenGL on Macs and Windows


14 days ago

nelson : What🖕3🖕Fucks - Hilarious, but offensive variant of the dumb What3Words addressing system

Quilted maps

17 days ago

nelson : Quilted maps - Fabric art, rich embroidery

What3Words examined

1 month ago

nelson : What3Words examined - Thoughtful piece about the risks of the proprietary addressing system

What3Words detail

1 month ago

nelson : What3Words detail - An analysis last year of how the proprietary location naming system works

Google and Apple Maps comparison

2 month ago

nelson : Google and Apple Maps comparison - Very detailed review

Geocoding in 5 minutes

2 month ago

nelson : Geocoding in 5 minutes - Simple installation of OpenAddresses data and Pelias geocoder


2 month ago

nelson : Terrapattern - Search aerial imagery for images of things

Andy Baio : Terrapattern - visual search engine for satellite imagery; example: baseball in Detroit, planes in NYC

Soviet topo maps

2 month ago

nelson : Soviet topo maps - Cache of many maps from the Soviet Union

US nuke plan 1956

2 month ago

nelson : US nuke plan 1956 - Chilling visualization of American nuclear targets in Russia

What Happened to Google Maps?

3 month ago

nelson : What Happened to Google Maps? - Detailed breakdown of levels of detail

Google sheep view

3 month ago

nelson : Google sheep view - 🐑

US tornado probabilities

3 month ago

nelson : US tornado probabilities - Nice animation of tornado risk during the year

American Slavery

3 month ago

nelson : American Slavery - Modern visualization by decade

Needlework Rivers

3 month ago

nelson : Needlework Rivers - Lovely little cross-stitch maps


4 month ago

nelson : OpenSeadragon - Add a zoom / pan UI to any large image. Includes a web tool you can just use

Hawaii Nei – Kalama 1838

4 month ago

nelson : Hawaii Nei – Kalama 1838 - A map of Hawai'i made by Hawaiians

Using OpenAddresses and MapZen

5 month ago

nelson : Using OpenAddresses and MapZen - Reverse geocoding to precise addresses

Daniel Zeller

5 month ago

nelson : Daniel Zeller - Artist with some cartographic themes

Wooden county maps

6 month ago

nelson : Wooden county maps - Lovely woodworking

-ach, -ingen, -zell

7 month ago

nelson : -ach, -ingen, -zell - Visualization of different types of place names in Germany

Lasercut topo map

7 month ago

nelson : Lasercut topo map - Nice home project

7 month ago

nelson : - New Tom MacWright project providing very simple access to some base GeoJSON map data

Grid corrections

8 month ago

nelson : Grid corrections - Skew between rectangular maps and spherical earth cause farms and roads to have odd shapes