Augmented reality sandbox

6 days ago

nelson : Augmented reality sandbox - Details on how to build your own projection topo map

Dynamic topo map

6 days ago

nelson : Dynamic topo map - Lovely augmented reality demo

Mapbox + Runkeeper

16 days ago

nelson : Mapbox + Runkeeper - New data for cycling and running routes for OpenStreetmap

Paris street name history

17 days ago

nelson : Paris street name history - A map that gives you descriptions of the history of every street name in Paris

Google S2

18 days ago

nelson : Google S2 - Explanation of a Google spatial indexing library


21 days ago

nelson : Neoaddressing - A brief overview of new location naming methods that try to improve on GeoHash

1895 chloropleth

23 days ago

nelson : 1895 chloropleth - Map visualization technique is old!

Road trip novel maps

1 month ago

nelson : Road trip novel maps - Well illustrated stories from Great American Novels

Soviet maps

2 month ago

nelson : Soviet maps - Cold War oddities

Every job in America

2 month ago

nelson : Every job in America - A map treatment

Open postcodes

2 month ago

nelson : Open postcodes - Various open systems for things like US zip codes

40 Internet maps

2 month ago

nelson : 40 Internet maps - Some history


2 month ago

nelson : Tilemaker - Standalone app for turning OSM data into vector tiles

Minnesota waters

3 month ago

nelson : Minnesota waters - Maps that look a little like my vector river map


3 month ago

nelson : Mapstarter - Simple tool for converting geodata to SVG and images

3 month ago

nelson : - OpenStreetMap-based maps for bicyclists

Making Tanaka countours

3 month ago

nelson : Making Tanaka countours - Nice 3d map effect in open source tools

UK election maps

4 month ago

nelson : UK election maps - Excellent roundup of various visualizations

US marriage map

4 month ago

nelson : US marriage map - Location, income, political affiliation all affect marriage rates

Census Reporter

4 month ago

nelson : Census Reporter - Nice UI for exploring US census data

1957 Navy teletype network

4 month ago

nelson : 1957 Navy teletype network - Schematic map

1881 isochrone map

4 month ago

nelson : 1881 isochrone map - How long it took to travel from Europe

6 square meter wall map

4 month ago

nelson : 6 square meter wall map - Printing a giant, detailed map for the wall

OSM data formats

4 month ago

nelson : OSM data formats - Alternate representations of map data


4 month ago

nelson : Humaniterrain - Stamen makes a free / open terrain map for Nepal