Minimal Maps

1 days ago

nelson : Minimal Maps - Lovely thematic maps of the United States

7 days ago

nelson : - DEM tool to make Cities: Skylines game maps from real world data

SF frequent transit

19 days ago

nelson : SF frequent transit - Muni and BART that runs every 12 minutes or faster

US hillshade map (5000x3136)

20 days ago

nelson : US hillshade map (5000x3136) - Beautiful large JPG

Map of human migrations

23 days ago

nelson : Map of human migrations - Nice use of an unusual projection

2010 Redistricting

25 days ago

nelson : 2010 Redistricting - Algorithmic results for drawing voting districts.

Code for America, Mapzen, and OpenAddresses

28 days ago

nelson : Code for America, Mapzen, and OpenAddresses - Update on a fun geodata project

US cell coverage map

1 month ago

nelson : US cell coverage map - Detailed data, looks to be from driving

Google geo history

2 month ago

nelson : Google geo history - Nice overview of the origins of Google Maps, Earth, etc

Adaptive map projection

3 month ago

nelson : Adaptive map projection - Clever web map changes projections as you zoom and pan

Map tiles without Mercator

3 month ago

nelson : Map tiles without Mercator - Notes on how to fake out various map libraries to produce web maps in different projections

Volcano maps

3 month ago

nelson : Volcano maps - New land brings out the color in cartographers

Spatial statistics subtlety

3 month ago

nelson : Spatial statistics subtlety - Problems with Twitter maps

Bro map

3 month ago

nelson : Bro map - bro, dude, fella, pal, buddy: incidence by county

Roman Empire map 211 AD

4 month ago

nelson : Roman Empire map 211 AD - Lovely detailed historical map

Overpass turbo

4 month ago

nelson : Overpass turbo - Map tool to run queries on OpenStreetMap data and visualize results

All the streams in Australia

4 month ago

nelson : All the streams in Australia - Rivers map from someone based on Australian data

Null Island weather

4 month ago

nelson : Null Island weather - Buoy is actually anchored at 0°N, 0°E.

World Maps Without New Zealand

4 month ago

nelson : World Maps Without New Zealand - A collection

Solving Earth Problems

4 month ago

nelson : Solving Earth Problems - Various tools for dealing with spatial data; spatial indices, etc

open address machine

4 month ago

nelson : open address machine - Migurski's work on OpenAddresses automation

Missing Maps

5 month ago

nelson : Missing Maps - Coordinated effort to map areas in the developing world *before* the crisis

Bivariate color maps for climate data

5 month ago

nelson : Bivariate color maps for climate data - Another 2d map technique, this one overloads hue in a way that seems to work

NYT bivariate election maps

5 month ago

nelson : NYT bivariate election maps - Nice application of the value-by-alpha technique

Top map technologies

5 month ago

nelson : Top map technologies - Chart shows which map libraries various web sites use