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Cindy Brewer profile

8 hours ago

nelson : Cindy Brewer profile - Geography professor behind the excellent perceptual color scales

Faroe islands maps

3 days ago

nelson : Faroe islands maps - Some confusing geometry for a tiny northern nation

1885 SF Chinatown map

1 month ago

nelson : 1885 SF Chinatown map - Building by building catalog of vice

MapZen + Code for America

1 month ago

nelson : MapZen + Code for America - Phenomenally generous gift to support open parcel data

Vector tiles talk

1 month ago

nelson : Vector tiles talk - Dane Springmeyer of MapBox gave a great talk on vector tiles

Strava Slide

1 month ago

nelson : Strava Slide - Mapping tool; use GPS heatmaps to draw accurate maps of hiking trails, etc


1 month ago

nelson : Sliptics - Promising-looking web analytics package for slippy maps

Null Archipelago

1 month ago

nelson : Null Archipelago - All the places in the world (0,0) maps to in different coordinate systems

NWS Enhanced data display

1 month ago

nelson : NWS Enhanced data display - Very fancy government weather map

High-speed rail in Europe

1 month ago

nelson : High-speed rail in Europe - Decent map with a system overview

US map (Alaska projection)

1 month ago

nelson : US map (Alaska projection) - If the usual US map treatment of Alaska were reversed


2 month ago

nelson : uMap - Web tool for drawing on maps using OpenStreetMap

New Stamen map work

2 month ago

nelson : New Stamen map work - New funding from Knight to update and improve Stamen's maps

Rivers in Tableau

2 month ago

nelson : Rivers in Tableau - Mapping major rivers of the world using off the shelf tech

Languages of Islamic World

2 month ago

nelson : Languages of Islamic World - Nice thematic map, by Dr. Michael Izady

OSM Chicago import

2 month ago

nelson : OSM Chicago import - Ian Dees' talk on importing Chicago city data into OpenStreetMap

Nokia Maps schism

2 month ago

nelson : Nokia Maps schism - Head map guy leaves Here, the map arm of the remnants of Nokia

Normalized Ferguson tweetmap

2 month ago

nelson : Normalized Ferguson tweetmap - Better visualization of interest in the Ferguson story

Berkhamsted shaped like a penis

2 month ago

nelson : Berkhamsted shaped like a penis - The map is funny because it looks like a penis

Maps that don't explain the Middle East

2 month ago

nelson : Maps that don't explain the Middle East - Excellent antithesis of the crappy maps that get passed around

Nokia map new design

3 month ago

nelson : Nokia map new design - Detailed analysis

Apple maps on the web

3 month ago

nelson : Apple maps on the web - Totally unofficial, but handy map viewer

Islands of Portland

4 month ago

nelson : Islands of Portland - Nice treatment of rising sea levels in Portland

World map of natural hazards

4 month ago

nelson : World map of natural hazards - Munich RE map showing earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc

SB Language Maps

4 month ago

nelson : SB Language Maps - Fascinating detailed language dialect maps