1 month ago

nelson : planscore - Mike Migurski's project to fight abusive gerrymandering

We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map

1 month ago

nelson : We Put 700 Red Dots On A Map - A crucial new visualization technique from ClickHole

Berlin weekly markets

2 month ago

nelson : Berlin weekly markets - Lovely map overlaying food markets on the transit system

Polygonal Map Generation v2

3 month ago

nelson : Polygonal Map Generation v2 - Amit updates his excellent procedural map generator

Pakistan embroidery map

3 month ago

nelson : Pakistan embroidery map - From a Lahore clothing company, Generation

Eric Fischer interview

3 month ago

nelson : Eric Fischer interview - Words from a creative mapper

Congressional districts

4 month ago

nelson : Congressional districts - Historical data going back to 1789

Wikipedia language maps

4 month ago

nelson : Wikipedia language maps - Terra Incognita by Trace Media; visualizations of geotagged articles by language

Baidu search scandal

4 month ago

nelson : Baidu search scandal - Referrals to private hospitals with alleged business ties to the search engine

National Park Maps

5 month ago

nelson : National Park Maps - Collection of free US park maps /cc @amitp

Gunpowder maps

5 month ago

nelson : Gunpowder maps - Stencils filled with gunpowder and ignited

Migurski's open geodata projects

6 month ago

nelson : Migurski's open geodata projects - OpenStreetmap, OpenAddresses, and Who's on First

French railway map

7 month ago

nelson : French railway map - Zoomable and easy to view

German dialect differences

8 month ago

nelson : German dialect differences - Fun maps of language

Swiss languages

8 month ago

nelson : Swiss languages - Map mixing language and terrain

Horizon Zero Dawn road trip

8 month ago

nelson : Horizon Zero Dawn road trip - Popular new game is based on Colorado/Arizona/Utah

Measuring the efficiency gap

9 month ago

nelson : Measuring the efficiency gap - Mike's notes on measuring redistricting

ESRI: Because good tools matter

9 month ago

nelson : ESRI: Because good tools matter - Funny GIS joke

legislative redistricting

9 month ago

nelson : legislative redistricting - geodata expert gets up to speed on politics and mapping

CIA cartography

9 month ago

nelson : CIA cartography - Declassified maps, a treasure trove of cartographic arts

Interstates as Subway Map

10 month ago

nelson : Interstates as Subway Map - Nice visualization of American highways

Abstract geoart

10 month ago

nelson : Abstract geoart - Nice feature on Bill Morris' neat satellite photo / machine learning art

SF Historical Creek Map

11 month ago

nelson : SF Historical Creek Map - Better rendering than I've seen of this before

Favourite maps from 2016

11 month ago

nelson : Favourite maps from 2016 - Nice collection of things I hadn't seen elsewhere

11 month ago

nelson : - Free service to locate IP addresses