Simulating the World in Emoji

1 month ago

Andy Baio : Simulating the World in Emoji - Nicky Case's interactive experiments with thinking in systems

nelson : Emoji simulator - Fun little grid agent based simulator using emoji

The Website Obesity Crisis

1 month ago

nelson : The Website Obesity Crisis - Clear words from Maciej on web bloat

Andy Baio : The Website Obesity Crisis - another essential Maciej Ceglowski talk, video here

Randi Harper on leaving the FreeBSD community

1 month ago

Andy Baio : Randi Harper on leaving the FreeBSD community - "the measure of health in any open source community is how they deal with conflict"

nelson : Randi leaving FreeBSD - Another woman developer harassed out of open source

The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers

2 month ago

Andy Baio : The Trace on Sandy Hook hoaxers - inside the hateful world of mass shooting conspiracy theorists

nelson : Sandy Hook hoaxers - A harmful delusion

MRA Dilbert

2 month ago

nelson : MRA Dilbert - Scott Adams blog post quotes on Dilbert cartoons

Andy Baio : MRA Dilbert - mashing up Dilbert comics with horrible, real quotes from its creator

I was an Internet meme

2 month ago

nelson : I was an Internet meme - Nice followup on various people who were in accidentally famous videos

Andy Baio : New York Mag interviews viral stars of Internet past - Tay Zonday is an interesting guy

Trump's facism

3 month ago

nelson : Trump's facism - Documenting a "skid" towards more overtly facist ideas

Andy Baio : Donald Trump's skid towards outright fascism - I hope Nate Silver's right, but Trump's gone from mildly amusing to scary pretty quickly

50 Best Non-Fiction Podcasts

4 month ago

Andy Baio : 50 Best Non-Fiction Podcasts - a solid list that naturally skews geeky, coming from Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder's audience  [via]

nelson : 50 best podcasts - Good list of the current top podcasts

Bloomberg Business on clickfraud

5 month ago

Andy Baio : Bloomberg Business on clickfraud - related: Maciej Ceglowski's What Happens Next Will Amaze You

nelson : Bot ad traffic - Data showing a whole lot of ads are being shown to robots

Slack at XOXO

5 month ago

nelson : Slack at XOXO - I was less excited with how a 1000 person Slack turned out, but it was useful at xoxo

Andy Baio : The Verge on Slack's impact on XOXO - not sure how well it would work outside of XOXO, but it was huge for us

Cameron's World

6 month ago

nelson : Cameron's World - A collection of GeoCities-style animated images, music, etc

Andy Baio : Cameron's World - incredible collage of text and images from archived GeoCities pages

The Verge's web sucks

7 month ago

nelson : The Verge's web sucks - A nice rant against the proliferation of tracking Javascript that weighs down websites

Andy Baio : Les Orchard on the Verge's web tracking - 7MB of Javascript

Remote car hijacking

7 month ago

nelson : Remote car hijacking - Chrysler builds a fully Internet connected car. It goes poorly.

Andy Baio : Zero-day exploit remotely controls Jeep Cherokees - an estimated 471,000 vehicles are vulnerable, including brakes, transmission, and GPS

Calvin and Markov

7 month ago

nelson : Calvin and Markov - Random comic generator

Andy Baio : Calvin and Markov - Markov-generated comics from Josh Millard, creator of Garkov

Jazz cup designer

8 month ago

nelson : Jazz cup designer - Creator of design ephemera found

Andy Baio : Who designed the Solo Jazz cup? - fun detective story spawned by a Reddit thread and cult following

Paul Ford's What Is Code?

8 month ago

Andy Baio : Paul Ford's What Is Code? - a special 38,000 word essay, the bulk of the new double-issue of Businessweek; oh, and it's open-source

nelson : What is Code? - Paul Ford's tour de force about programming

The Button wrapup

8 month ago

nelson : The Button wrapup - Reflection on Reddit's surprisingly interesting April Fool's thing

Andy Baio : the button has ended - more than two months and a million presses later

Kanye Quest easter egg

9 month ago

nelson : Kanye Quest easter egg - Weird hidden part of Kanye Quest... cult recruiting tool?

Andy Baio : Bizarre easter egg in Kanye Quest JRPG - ASCEND  [via]

First Apple Homepage

10 month ago

nelson : First Apple Homepage - Screenshot unearthed from a CD-R backup

Andy Baio : The First Apple Homepage - Kevin Fox digs up pre-Wayback screenshots

Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows

10 month ago

Andy Baio : Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows - a "crash discourse" on cultural appropriation from 16-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg

nelson : Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows - Great little video on black culture appropriation

Filtered linkblogs

10 month ago

nelson : Filtered linkblogs - Nice piece on and

Andy Baio : Wired profile on and - the story behind my weird little aggregator

The Book of Shaders

11 month ago

Andy Baio : The Book of Shaders - in-progress project to explain the dark art of shader programming

nelson : The Book of Shaders - Promising interactive primer on GL shader programming

On "My Immortal"

11 month ago

nelson : On "My Immortal" - Is the world's worst fanfic satire? Or just fanfic?

Andy Baio : Vulture on the mystery of The Immortal - ostensibly the worst fanfic ever made, but seems like a deliberate parody to me

Rolling Stone interviews Chris Poole on why he left 4chan

11 month ago

Andy Baio : Rolling Stone interviews Chris Poole on why he left 4chan - Gamergate and the Fappening in the same week

nelson : moot interview - Details from the 4chan creator, trying to move on

mathowie leaving metafilter

11 month ago

nelson : mathowie leaving metafilter - The founder and operator of my favorite online community is moving on

Andy Baio : Matt Haughey retires from Metafilter - 16 years is a long time, and he's handling the transition in the best way possible