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Warhol 1985 Amiga art

11 hours ago

nelson : Warhol 1985 Amiga art - Floppy disks turn up Warhol computer art experiments

Andy Baio : Previously-unknown Warhol artwork discovered on Amiga floppies from 1985 - artist Cory Arcangel, on a hunch, digs up digital history


17 days ago

nelson : Heartbleed - Serious flaw in OpenSSL

Andy Baio : Heartbleed, major bug in OpenSSL - patch OpenSSL immediately, then renew your certificates

Oculus Rift vs Gender

27 days ago

nelson : Oculus Rift vs Gender - Women and men experience 3d graphics differently, women get more nausea

Andy Baio : danah boyd's research on gender differences and VR - the subject of her 2000 bachelor's thesis

The Threes Mails

28 days ago

Andy Baio : The Threes Mails - incredibly deep look into the development of Threes, and the clones spawned from it

nelson : Making Threes - Lots of detail on the beautiful puzzle game's creation

Goodbye, Firefox Marketplace

1 month ago

Andy Baio : Goodbye, Firefox Marketplace - Mozilla's new CEO invented Javascript, but also helped fund anti-gay marriage legislation; his statement was pretty bad

nelson : Goodbye, Firefox Marketplace - Gay couple explains their decision to not work with Firefox

Between two ferns with Pres. Obama

1 month ago

nelson : Between two ferns with Pres. Obama - Cringe comedy reaches the top, kind of amazing

Andy Baio : Between Two Ferns with President Barack Obama - Funny or Die is currently the top referer to

The Satoshi Paradox

2 month ago

nelson : The Satoshi Paradox - Good reflection on Newsweek's choice to publish

Andy Baio : The Satoshi Paradox - Newsweek's big mistake was saying they were certain

The Face Behind Bitcoin

2 month ago

nelson : The Face Behind Bitcoin - A compelling story that Satoshi Nakomoto has been found

Andy Baio : Newsweek tracks down Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto - read some of the backlash on Reddit; they're following him around L.A.

Webcam chats stolen

2 month ago

nelson : Webcam chats stolen - Governments captured random people's webchat images for surveillance

Andy Baio : British spy agency and NSA hacked over 1.8M Yahoo users' webcams - stored images every five seconds, around 7% with nudity

Breaking Madden

3 month ago

nelson : Breaking Madden - Glitching out the football game

Andy Baio : The Machine Is Bleeding to Death - I wish the Super Bowl were more like this


3 month ago

Andy Baio : Downworthy - a browser plugin to take hyperbolic headlines down a notch or two

nelson : Downworthy - Browser extension to improve online news article headlines

Real-time face substitution in the browser

3 month ago

Andy Baio : Real-time face substitution in the browser - be Bieber, Kim, or Cage

nelson : Face substitution - Wear your Scramble Suit

3 month ago

nelson : - Arty, disturbing

Andy Baio : - can someone recap what's been covered so far, thanks

Anatomy of a Spelunky miracle

4 month ago

Andy Baio : Anatomy of a Spelunky miracle - Doug Wilson's approachable breakdown of one of gaming's most insane feats

nelson : Spelunky solo eggplant - Beautifully detailed writeup of a very difficult game play

On Glitch public domain

4 month ago

nelson : On Glitch public domain - "As a species, culture is all we’ve got"

Andy Baio : Gitch in the Afterlife - Stewart Butterfield writes about the decision to put Glitch's art assets into the public domain

Polygon's history of the boys-only stereotype for videogames

5 month ago

Andy Baio : Polygon's history of the boys-only stereotype for videogames - tracking the shift to heavily gendered marketing in the '90s  [via]

nelson : Gender in game marketing - Great history of how video games aren't really just for boys

On Goldieblox

5 month ago

nelson : On Goldieblox - Details of the facts of the Beastie Boys copyright fight, with citations

Andy Baio : Goldieblox and the Three MCs - Everyone thinks they know how copyright works, and everyone's usually wrong. Who can blame them? It's often counterintuitive, inconsistent, and riddled with grey areas and edge cases. And no area of copyright law is more confusing than fair use, delibera


5 month ago

Andy Baio : Googlyify - add googly eyes to any animated GIF  [via]

nelson : googlyify - Googly eyes as a service

Glitch assets public domain

5 month ago

nelson : Glitch assets public domain - A sweet conclusion to a loved, closed game

Andy Baio : Tiny Speck releases Glitch art and code to public domain - a massive dump of incredible work, over 10,000 assets from the pioneering game

Remembering XOXO 2013

5 month ago

nelson : Remembering XOXO 2013 - Great writeup from @waxpancake, making me regret deciding not to go

Andy Baio : Remembering XOXO 2013 - It seems like everybody that went to XOXO wrote about it except for me. I've started and stopped this blog post several times over the past six weeks. Why is it so hard for me to spit something out about it? Partly, I think, because it takes about that l

As We May Type

6 month ago

Andy Baio : As We May Type - Paul Ford looks at the trend of new tools for writing online

nelson : As We May Type - great review of online writing in historical context

Explain Shell

7 month ago

nelson : Explain Shell - Excellent tool for breaking down Unix command lines

Andy Baio : explainshell - instant documentation for complex shell commands

jpg glitch experiment

8 month ago

nelson : jpg glitch experiment - Lovely little JPG demaker

Andy Baio : image glitch experiment - drag an image in, glitch it out


8 month ago

Andy Baio : PRSM - "Share to your heart's content."

nelson : GetPRSM - NSA's illegal spying activity is the newest hot startup!

Greenwald's partner harassed

8 month ago

nelson : Greenwald's partner harassed - The partner of the journalist covering NSA for the Guardian got detained in London

Andy Baio : Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow for nine hours - UK and US authorities blatantly abusing a terrorism law; more from Greenwald