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National Tracing Center

13 hours ago

nelson : National Tracing Center - US law forbids a searchable database of guns. This is the paper/microfiche altenrative

Rape culture; headphone edition

2 days ago

nelson : Rape culture; headphone edition - How to be a creepy, intrusive man

WoSign SSL disaster

2 days ago

nelson : WoSign SSL disaster - Chinese company issues many fake SSL certificates

Lunch Train

2 days ago

nelson : Lunch Train - Slack bot for coordinating going to lunch

State pension funds

6 days ago

nelson : State pension funds - Details on how bad the underfunding problem is

NSO malware company owned by US firm

6 days ago

nelson : NSO malware company owned by US firm - Francisco Partners, a US private equity company, owns the malware company involved in the iOS hack today

The Glorious Horror of TECO

7 days ago

nelson : The Glorious Horror of TECO - Excellent overview of a forgotten programmable editor

Uber finances

7 days ago

nelson : Uber finances - $1.2B lost in six months

CA vaccination working

7 days ago

nelson : CA vaccination working - Nevada County reports new law means kids are now being vaccinated

Legalist startup

7 days ago

nelson : Legalist startup - Automating making a profit with civil lawsuits

Ongoing attacks on Leslie Jones

7 days ago

nelson : Ongoing attacks on Leslie Jones - Racist monsters continue to harass African-American actress online

Clinton health history

9 days ago

nelson : Clinton health history - Background behind the smear campaign about Clinton's health

Ethernet PAUSE

9 days ago

nelson : Ethernet PAUSE - Obscure protocol thing causes network failure


10 days ago

nelson : Seacharge - DIY autonomous boat sailing across the Pacific

Atomic motels

10 days ago

nelson : Atomic motels - Nice collection of photos from New Jersey

Trump and voter fraud

10 days ago

nelson : Trump and voter fraud - More details on a troubling allegation

Congressional district cartogram

10 days ago

nelson : Congressional district cartogram - Nice approach to visualizing the US vote

Airline's calculated misery

11 days ago

nelson : Airline's calculated misery - Dismal economics

Cisco VPNs failed

12 days ago

nelson : Cisco VPNs failed - NSA subverted the most popular Internet router security

Trump finance details

12 days ago

nelson : Trump finance details - Trying to unwind a bunch of complex investments

Uber self-driving cars

14 days ago

nelson : Uber self-driving cars - My friend Raffi is working on this project

No Man's Sky review

14 days ago

nelson : No Man's Sky review - Nicely captures the good and bad of the game

Early investor experiment

15 days ago

nelson : Early investor experiment - Randomized trial of what startup pitches get attention. Summary: the team matters

Steve Bannon profile

15 days ago

nelson : Steve Bannon profile - Details on the new Trump campaign operative