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McKellan / Stewart marketing

22 hours ago

nelson : McKellan / Stewart marketing - Stats on the amazing social media campaign for the actors

Time is a flat Circus

4 days ago

nelson : Time is a flat Circus - True Detective / Family Circus mashup

Tom of Finland stamps

6 days ago

nelson : Tom of Finland stamps - official postage featuring the iconic gay artist

James Cameron AMA

8 days ago

nelson : James Cameron AMA - Direct answers from the director

Don Pendleton

9 days ago

nelson : Don Pendleton - Artist who does skateboards, etc

Google XXE attack

9 days ago

nelson : Google XXE attack - it's 2014 and this old XML bug is still around

Tamiflu scam

10 days ago

nelson : Tamiflu scam - Roche suppressed info their flu drug doesn't work

BitTorrent Sync

10 days ago

nelson : BitTorrent Sync - Another system for keeping files in sync between devices

Uchi Houston

11 days ago

nelson : Uchi Houston - Austin's awesome fusion sushi place is in Houston too

Wolf Hunters of Wall Street

11 days ago

nelson : Wolf Hunters of Wall Street - Article about de-escalating the high frequency trader arms race

Theo on Firebleed

11 days ago

nelson : Theo on Firebleed - Pointed comment from OpenBSD guy on OpenSSL code quality

20 ways to slice Europe

11 days ago

nelson : 20 ways to slice Europe - Funny map about prejudices

Flickr and Creative Commons

11 days ago

nelson : Flickr and Creative Commons - Apparently the geniuses at Yahoo broke one of Flickr's best features

About Z(4430)-

11 days ago

nelson : About Z(4430)- - Readable overview of the new high energy physics discovery

Game of Thrones, 1992 style

12 days ago

nelson : Game of Thrones, 1992 style - Funny illustrations

Minecraft qCraft

12 days ago

nelson : Minecraft qCraft - Quantum properties applied to Minecraft blocks; great intro video

IE6 usage map

12 days ago

nelson : IE6 usage map - Microsoft's stats on usage; 20% or more in China

Visit Singapore!

13 days ago

nelson : Visit Singapore! - Hilariously bad tourist video; worth staying for the end


13 days ago

nelson : Heartbleed - Serious flaw in OpenSSL

Andy Baio : Heartbleed, major bug in OpenSSL - patch OpenSSL immediately, then renew your certificates

HeartBleed patch

13 days ago

nelson : HeartBleed patch - the specific fix for the OpenSSL security hole

Top Android App

13 days ago

nelson : Top Android App - It's an anti-virus. Worse, it's a scam.


13 days ago

nelson : Day-O - Replacement Mac menubar clock has a popup calendar

Bali New Years photos

13 days ago

nelson : Bali New Years photos - Nyepi, the celebration of the new year in Bali

Space Invader authenticity

13 days ago

nelson : Space Invader authenticity - Street artist points out you can't really steal his art

The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse

13 days ago

nelson : The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse - Biggest space battle in Eve Online to date happened on the Chinese server