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1 hour ago

nelson : Sheep - lovely aerial video

JPL Visions of the Future

5 hours ago

nelson : JPL Visions of the Future - Official collection of the space travel posters

Gravitational Waves at Last

5 hours ago

nelson : Gravitational Waves at Last - A scientist's reflection and contextualization

Gravitational Waves 2

6 hours ago

nelson : Gravitational Waves 2 - Another excellent bit of science journalism

Gravitational waves

6 hours ago

nelson : Gravitational waves - Phenomenal bit of science journalism about a phenomenal result from LIGO

ECMAScript 6 status

1 days ago

nelson : ECMAScript 6 status - Compatibility of various Javascript runtime environments

Active supernovae

2 days ago

nelson : Active supernovae - Detailed astronomy info

Wired war on ad blockers

2 days ago

nelson : Wired war on ad blockers - They're going to try freezing out ad blocker users unless they pay $1/week

Snapchat Like “The Teens”

2 days ago

nelson : Snapchat Like “The Teens” - Hilarious, insightful article about youth Snapchat culture

Mars tourism posters

2 days ago

nelson : Mars tourism posters - Really lovely graphic design

2 days ago

nelson : - Mac package for Postgres+PostGIS

RIP Ken Olsen

2 days ago

nelson : RIP Ken Olsen - Founder of Digital, the computer company

Wumpus 2

2 days ago

nelson : Wumpus 2 - 1980s book about programming computer games

Zenefits fraud

5 days ago

nelson : Zenefits fraud - Selling insurance with unlicensed salespeople

Quantified shitlords

5 days ago

nelson : Quantified shitlords - R programmer investigates the hateful comments he gets

TempleOS 4.02

5 days ago

nelson : TempleOS 4.02 - Outsider art operating system

BUTT • Edmund White

5 days ago

nelson : BUTT • Edmund White - Another phenomenal interview

BUTT • Gore Vidal

5 days ago

nelson : BUTT • Gore Vidal - 2007 interview

LoL design values

6 days ago

nelson : LoL design values - Game design team talks about how they approach their job

Slack diversity report

7 days ago

nelson : Slack diversity report - Update from the startup about hiring

Python 3 Readiness

7 days ago

nelson : Python 3 Readiness - 319 of the 360 most popular Python packages now support Python 3. upgrade!

8 days ago

nelson : - Linux internals; system calls are implemented with a fake shared library

Uber logo snark

8 days ago

nelson : Uber logo snark - "What do you do for a living? Drive a car, while receiving no benefits? I work as a branding designer conceptualizing one “brand pillar” every three months. I get paid much more than you."

Sore Loser

8 days ago

nelson : Sore Loser - Donald Trump loses his shit on Twitter after losing the Iowa caucus

Slave Breeding

8 days ago

nelson : Slave Breeding - A new US history book