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Stones of Wonder

14 hours ago

nelson : Stones of Wonder - Guide to standing stones in Scotland

Macsween's haggis

4 days ago

nelson : Macsween's haggis - Restaurants in Edinburgh proudly display this brand name

Clay Shirky on opposing Trump

4 days ago

nelson : Clay Shirky on opposing Trump - "we'e brought fact checkers to a culture war"

Blacks in SF

6 days ago

nelson : Blacks in SF - Humane story on the dwindling African-American population in San Francisco

141 outrageous Trump things

10 days ago

nelson : 141 outrageous Trump things - Vote for which makes him most unsuitable for running the country

Trump / Pence animated GIF

11 days ago

nelson : Trump / Pence animated GIF - NSFWish, childish, hilarious.

Facebook diversity comment

12 days ago

nelson : Facebook diversity comment - More details of disappointment

Pokemon Go implicit racism

12 days ago

nelson : Pokemon Go implicit racism - Striking example of inequality trickling down into videogames

WSJ on Null Island

14 days ago

nelson : WSJ on Null Island - Fun article with lots of friends

OpenGL and Macs

14 days ago

nelson : OpenGL and Macs - Interesting detail from Blizzard about how they support OpenGL on Macs and Windows

Trump tapping divisiveness

14 days ago

nelson : Trump tapping divisiveness - On the deep and ugly racism that underlies Trump's support