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19 hours ago

nelson : /r/toynbee - Subreddit dedicated to Toynbee Tiles, weird street art

Dipity Timelines

20 hours ago

nelson : Dipity Timelines - Web tool for building timelines

Grass Valley tech history

20 hours ago

nelson : Grass Valley tech history - Seems random, but the Sierra has a little high tech center

LoL vs toxic behavior

1 days ago

nelson : LoL vs toxic behavior - Update on the efforts to police a notoriously unpleasant gamer community

1885 SF Chinatown map

2 days ago

nelson : 1885 SF Chinatown map - Building by building catalog of vice


2 days ago

nelson : WhatIsMyIPv6? - IP address detector that's IPv6 aware

Yahoo worth -$500M

2 days ago

nelson : Yahoo worth -$500M - Market cap of Yahoo is below the value of the property it owns

Harlem Shake DNS

3 days ago

nelson : Harlem Shake DNS - HTML tags in DNS records causes bad webapps to do bad things

LoL Worlds guide

3 days ago

nelson : LoL Worlds guide - insanely detailed guide to the esports world championship

GDC Sarkeesian bomb threat

4 days ago

nelson : GDC Sarkeesian bomb threat - From March 2014, a terrorist threat against feminist game critic

MapZen + Code for America

4 days ago

nelson : MapZen + Code for America - Phenomenally generous gift to support open parcel data

Apple stream failure

4 days ago

nelson : Apple stream failure - Root cause: uncacheable page, some encoding mistakes

HotS Logs

4 days ago

nelson : HotS Logs - analysis of top players of Blizzard's game Heroes of the Storm

Love Your Condom

4 days ago

nelson : Love Your Condom - NSFW: sexually explicit safe sex guides for gay men

Startup pitches

4 days ago

nelson : Startup pitches - This American Life with @Sacca on giving startup pitches

Vector tiles talk

4 days ago

nelson : Vector tiles talk - Dane Springmeyer of MapBox gave a great talk on vector tiles

Rescuing Salyut 7

4 days ago

nelson : Rescuing Salyut 7 - Insane story of a Soviet mission to salvage a dead space station

PUC + PG&E 4evah

5 days ago

nelson : PUC + PG&E 4evah - State regulatory agency colluding with energy company to fix court cases

The Verge on XOXO 2014

5 days ago

Andy Baio : The Verge on XOXO 2014 - captures the mood nicely, "like a link blog come gloriously to life"

nelson : XOXO summary - Decent overview of the XOXO Festival for 2014


5 days ago

nelson : Snackwave - The hot new trend

Birth control probabilities

7 days ago

nelson : Birth control probabilities - Nice simple data on practical efficacy

Strava Slide

10 days ago

nelson : Strava Slide - Mapping tool; use GPS heatmaps to draw accurate maps of hiking trails, etc


10 days ago

nelson : Sliptics - Promising-looking web analytics package for slippy maps

Null Archipelago

11 days ago

nelson : Null Archipelago - All the places in the world (0,0) maps to in different coordinate systems

NWS Enhanced data display

11 days ago

nelson : NWS Enhanced data display - Very fancy government weather map