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Trump v. intelligence agencies

14 hours ago

nelson : Trump v. intelligence agencies - What if the president just doesn't believe his own intelligence officers?

Trump Gaslighting America

18 hours ago

nelson : Trump Gaslighting America - Remarkable editorial from Teen Vogue

Is Trump broke?

2 days ago

nelson : Is Trump broke? - Speculation only, since we have no transparency

Trump LLC obfuscation

2 days ago

nelson : Trump LLC obfuscation - Impossible to figure out which conflicts of interest he has

Magic Leap a fake

2 days ago

nelson : Magic Leap a fake - Product demo it's been showing is a fabrication

Landsat water map

2 days ago

nelson : Landsat water map - Raster map based on satellite imagery

Geo-engineering climate change

3 days ago

nelson : Geo-engineering climate change - Some folks are looking for technology solutions to global warming

Endless Jingling

3 days ago

nelson : Endless Jingling - Deep Christmas

Stegano malware

3 days ago

nelson : Stegano malware - New adware found using steganographic channels to transmit code

Indian Breads

4 days ago

nelson : Indian Breads - A list of diversity

Putin seized VKontakte

4 days ago

nelson : Putin seized VKontakte - 2014 story of the Russian state taking control of Russia's Facebook equivalent

Trump tweet insults

4 days ago

nelson : Trump tweet insults - Detailed visualization

Thiel conflicts of interest

5 days ago

nelson : Thiel conflicts of interest - Trump advisor from the tech industry is in a hopeless ethics tangle

Flynn, propagandist

5 days ago

nelson : Flynn, propagandist - Trump's National Security Advisor regularly spreads outrageous anti-Clinton propaganda

Cider apple preservation

5 days ago

nelson : Cider apple preservation - Varietals at risk /cc @celesteramsay

Rhythm of Food

5 days ago

nelson : Rhythm of Food - Visualization of search trends

Clarus the DogCow

6 days ago

nelson : Clarus the DogCow - A museum for a classic Susan Kare icon

Truvada and HIV stigma

8 days ago

nelson : Truvada and HIV stigma - Excellent essay on gay men's sex lives

Github vs trolls

8 days ago

nelson : Github vs trolls - Company takes steps to address its misogyny problem

Uber financials

10 days ago

nelson : Uber financials - Heavily skeptical take on the car company


10 days ago

nelson : DAPL TFR - FAA has restricted aircraft over the protest in North Dakota

Gooligan Android malware

11 days ago

nelson : Gooligan Android malware - Steals Google credentials

North Carolina do-over

11 days ago

nelson : North Carolina do-over - Fallout from their racist election tampering; must hold a new election

Trump DC lease problem

12 days ago

nelson : Trump DC lease problem - Lease on his hotel in Washington DC clearly states he can't be an elected official

Mac App Store scams

14 days ago

nelson : Mac App Store scams - Good apps aren't in the store, just scams