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CIA spied on the Senate

18 hours ago

nelson : CIA spied on the Senate - CIA Inspector General admits the CIA spied on legislators. This is dangerous.

Kim Kardashian game review

2 days ago

nelson : Kim Kardashian game review - Lovely bit of post-feminist game criticism

Radical feminism vs transgenderism

2 days ago

nelson : Radical feminism vs transgenderism - Even handed summary of a very divisive issue

Deaths in Gaza

3 days ago

nelson : Deaths in Gaza - A stark visualization

Susan Sarandon

3 days ago

nelson : Susan Sarandon - Nice little brief interview, she's awesome

App Rot

3 days ago

nelson : App Rot - Thoughtful essay on the iOS app market maturing

Andy Baio : Marco Arment on the challenge of being an iOS indie - related: Jared Sinclair's sales numbers from Unread

Nokia map new design

3 days ago

nelson : Nokia map new design - Detailed analysis

Markov Chains

3 days ago

nelson : Markov Chains - Nice D3 explanation

PG&E cozy with regulators

3 days ago

nelson : PG&E cozy with regulators - The ongoing debacle over California's failure to meaningfully regulate utilities

Geography of US debt

3 days ago

nelson : Geography of US debt - Detailed maps of consumer US debt

DIY multi-sundial

3 days ago

nelson : DIY multi-sundial - Nice little papercraft project for making an accurate timepiece

Food for White Liberals

3 days ago

nelson : Food for White Liberals - "what sex is for the Religious Right"

Eid al-Fitr 2014

4 days ago

nelson : Eid al-Fitr 2014 - Nice set of photos

Gender gap in tech funding

4 days ago

nelson : Gender gap in tech funding - Sexism in the VC and angel world

Age diversity in tech

4 days ago

nelson : Age diversity in tech - The lack of data

LMQ esports dispute

4 days ago

nelson : LMQ esports dispute - Top League of Legends team (in North America, but a Chinese team) has a bunch of shady business problems

Ramen crust pizza

4 days ago

nelson : Ramen crust pizza - When stoners run out of ingredients, they get creative

anatomy of songs

6 days ago

nelson : anatomy of songs - A simple linear infographic

Rap Genius bro on Bitcoin

6 days ago

nelson : Rap Genius bro on Bitcoin - Disgraced former Genius guy has the Bitcoin religion

Television designs

6 days ago

nelson : Television designs - Nice graphic of the look of TV consoles since 1928

Google really buying Twitch

7 days ago

nelson : Google really buying Twitch - Still not official, but a strong journalistic source

Hapax legomenon

8 days ago

nelson : Hapax legomenon - Words that only occur once in some corpus

America's Flight 17

8 days ago

nelson : America's Flight 17 - In 1988 the US shot down a civilian airliner by accident

Sun Noodles

8 days ago

nelson : Sun Noodles - purveyors of fine ramen (attn @marcprecipice)

Deaths in the Iliad

9 days ago

nelson : Deaths in the Iliad - finally an infographic that isn't awful