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Agile Government Technology

Hot ! - 18 minutes ago

nelson : Agile Government Technology - Code for America gets California to try a better government procurement process

NSA continues

3 hours ago

nelson : NSA continues - Avoiding any attempt to regulate their spying programs

Kepler Orrery IV

20 hours ago

nelson : Kepler Orrery IV - Exoplanets visualized for scale; Kepler is biased towards finding very tight systems

HTTP/2 easter egg

23 hours ago

nelson : HTTP/2 easter egg - Handshake magic number is "PRISM", a reference to US/British mass spying

Tristan shipping news

1 days ago

nelson : Tristan shipping news - Arrivals and departures from a remote island community

Tristan da Cunha

1 days ago

nelson : Tristan da Cunha - Nice little profile of a remote island community

Donald Trump’s Police State

4 days ago

nelson : Donald Trump’s Police State - "rabid brown shirts in Dockers"

Alpha Centauri Redux

4 days ago

nelson : Alpha Centauri Redux - Writeup of a student project to redesign an old game's UI

CIA vs crypto

5 days ago

nelson : CIA vs crypto - CIA cynically used the Paris attacks to advance their anti-privacy agenda

Macbook charger teardown

6 days ago

nelson : Macbook charger teardown - Details of Apple's engineering and profit margins

Finland bear map

6 days ago

nelson : Finland bear map - Lovely take on a chloropleth

Seven Southern dishes

6 days ago

nelson : Seven Southern dishes - Nice roundup of American food

Internet security history

6 days ago

nelson : Internet security history - From May, long detailed article

Trump victim speaks

7 days ago

nelson : Trump victim speaks - Mercutio Southall talks

Trump's facism

7 days ago

nelson : Trump's facism - Documenting a "skid" towards more overtly facist ideas

Andy Baio : Donald Trump's skid towards outright fascism - I hope Nate Silver's right, but Trump's gone from mildly amusing to scary pretty quickly

Can I blog safely?

7 days ago

nelson : Can I blog safely? - Sad, detailed discussion from women about how to blog non-anonymously and avoid harassment

Time scale BART map

9 days ago

nelson : Time scale BART map - Transit map scaled to travel time

Shackleton photos

9 days ago

nelson : Shackleton photos - Beautiful images from an amazing tale of polar survival

Nancy Jo Sales calls out Tinder

10 days ago

nelson : Nancy Jo Sales calls out Tinder - Righteous response to Tinder CEO's sleazy suggestion of having some personal dirt on a journalist

Food tracker

11 days ago

nelson : Food tracker - Excellent visualization of people trying to lose weight

VATSIM profile

12 days ago

nelson : VATSIM profile - Nice article about the Air Traffic Control simulation game people play supporting flight simulator players

Tinder CEO interview

12 days ago

nelson : Tinder CEO interview - Awkward douchebag interview the week of the IPO

NYT unpublishing

13 days ago

nelson : NYT unpublishing - More details on the newspaper removing a badly written article about the Paris attacks and encryption

US healthcare spending

13 days ago

nelson : US healthcare spending - We spend 2x as much as any other nation, have a lower life expectancy

Making a cave to age cheese

14 days ago

nelson : Making a cave to age cheese - Project for modifying a small fridge to be warm and humid enough