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Evergreen aviation museum woes

Hot ! - 20 minutes ago

nelson : Evergreen aviation museum woes - Airplane museum in Oregon that has the Spruce Goose; it's completely broke

Google employee settlement

2 hours ago

nelson : Google employee settlement - Website for the class action lawsuit against Google, Apple, etc for illegal collusion against employees

Pilot Suicide

3 hours ago

nelson : Pilot Suicide - Details about the Germanwings crash, other recent suicidal commercial pilots

First Apple Homepage

1 days ago

nelson : First Apple Homepage - Screenshot unearthed from a CD-R backup

Andy Baio : The First Apple Homepage - Kevin Fox digs up pre-Wayback screenshots

Twitter API strategy

1 days ago

nelson : Twitter API strategy - Excellent critical analysis of channel conflict


1 days ago

nelson : Chatelaine - Victorian jewelry; a chain with tools worn by women around the waiste

Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows

2 days ago

Andy Baio : Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows - a "crash discourse" on cultural appropriation from 16-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg

nelson : Don't Cash Crop My Cornrows - Great little video on black culture appropriation

Jack on Square

2 days ago

nelson : Jack on Square - Great new article about how the payment company is doing

Open parcel data

2 days ago

nelson : Open parcel data - The challenges of getting basic property map data in the US

TSA groping

4 days ago

nelson : TSA groping - Agents deliberately flagged attractive men so they could sexually assault them

SF 1878 Panorama

4 days ago

nelson : SF 1878 Panorama - By Muybridge, no less.

strace zine

4 days ago

nelson : strace zine - An alternate, awesome style of explanation for a useful Unix tool

Adderall in eSports

5 days ago

nelson : Adderall in eSports - Computer sports have doping, too

Eve Online espionage

5 days ago

nelson : Eve Online espionage - Great comment explaining how creepy the game gets as it leaks into real life

Get Satisfaction comments

5 days ago

nelson : Get Satisfaction comments - Overview and detail of the startup firesale from Lane Becker

A/A testing

5 days ago

nelson : A/A testing - Proper statistical testing is hard

Americanisms | The Economist

6 days ago

nelson : Americanisms | The Economist - Amusing insight into US english

Patrick Bateman reviews Apple Watch

6 days ago

nelson : Patrick Bateman reviews Apple Watch - Delicious satire

Use mature tech

6 days ago

nelson : Use mature tech - Nice engineering blog post by Pinterest in defense of proven technologies

.SUCKS shakedown

7 days ago

nelson : .SUCKS shakedown - New TLD seems to exist solely for extortion

Filtered linkblogs

8 days ago

nelson : Filtered linkblogs - Nice piece on and

Andy Baio : Wired profile on and - the story behind my weird little aggregator

Python hypothesis

8 days ago

nelson : Python hypothesis - Unit testing tool that generates randomized input

Portland neighborhood names

9 days ago

nelson : Portland neighborhood names - History of various names. /cc @celesteramsay

Kosher switch

9 days ago

nelson : Kosher switch - Another way to fool god

Stewart B. on money

9 days ago

nelson : Stewart B. on money - Nice to see a humble perspective