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Sci-Hub repository torrents

13 hours ago

nelson : Sci-Hub repository torrents - Terabytes of academic papers here for bulk downloading

US child firearm injuries

1 days ago

nelson : US child firearm injuries - Peer reviewed study with basic numbers from CDC researchers

OSM completeness

2 days ago

nelson : OSM completeness - Study of OpenStreetMap measures completeness

Kenneth Reitz's Journal

4 days ago

nelson : Kenneth Reitz's Journal - Python programmer behind Requests, pipenv, etc

ICO scams

4 days ago

nelson : ICO scams - WSJ analysis of obviously scam cryptocurrency offerings

Metro gun share

9 days ago

nelson : Metro gun share - Chicago art project; rent assault rifles like bikes

NIN physical ticket sales

12 days ago

nelson : NIN physical ticket sales - Big name act decides to only sell tickets in person, not online

Mumble rap

15 days ago

nelson : Mumble rap - Genre being parodied by This is America