Nelson Minar blogs at xml

1 days ago

nelson : - A thoughtful talk on how a software platform could ban Nazis

Kirstjen Nielsen is a Nazi sympathizer

3 days ago

nelson : Kirstjen Nielsen is a Nazi sympathizer - Head of Homeland Security can't bring yourself to say the Nazis at Charlottesville were wrong

Bill Browder v Putin

5 days ago

nelson : Bill Browder v Putin - Champion against Russian corruption and murder has some direct words to say after the Trump+Putin lovefest

Vaccinations in CA 2018

5 days ago

nelson : Vaccinations in CA 2018 - Despite the law many kids are still not vaccinated

Instapaper independent

5 days ago

nelson : Instapaper independent - Pinterest spinning the small web service back out into a separate company

KotakuInAction drama

9 days ago

nelson : KotakuInAction drama - Creator of the GamerGate hate group has second thoughts, tries to delete the subreddit. Reddit's owners ended up stepping in and restoring everything.

Tony Perkins flooded

9 days ago

nelson : Tony Perkins flooded - God visited his judgement on one of His most fervently hateful servants


10 days ago

nelson : CODCO - Canadian sketch comedy remembered by Scott Thompson

Thai boys vs US border kids

14 days ago

nelson : Thai boys vs US border kids - Americans have more compassion for kids trapped in a cave halfway around the world than the ones we put in cages at the US border