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Felon voting ban is racist

2 days ago

nelson : Felon voting ban is racist - History of Florida law

Immigration raid on the SF Bay Area

2 days ago

nelson : Immigration raid on the SF Bay Area - Trump's ICE rumored to be making a show of force

Folium map library

3 days ago

nelson : Folium map library - Python library that renders to Leaflet maps. Integrates well in notebooks

Going "Serverless"

4 days ago

nelson : Going "Serverless" - Some details on how my project works


5 days ago

nelson : Snowpiles - Visualization of snowfall; I like how simple the code is

Open Web Analytics

6 days ago

nelson : Open Web Analytics - Alternative to Google Analytics for web visitor stats

قلب programming language

7 days ago

nelson : قلب programming language - A Lisp variant in Arabic

Mont St. Michel

8 days ago

nelson : Mont St. Michel - Excellent aerial photograph

Russian spies in SF

8 days ago

nelson : Russian spies in SF - Details of intelligence activities at the now-closed consulate in San Francisco


9 days ago

nelson : V7/x86 - Ancient Unix built to run on modern PC hardware

2000 year old Roman shoe

9 days ago

nelson : 2000 year old Roman shoe - Lovely object

Felix queso

10 days ago

nelson : Felix queso - A Houston favorite

Who Killed Captain Alex?

10 days ago

nelson : Who Killed Captain Alex? - Ugandan film turned meme incubator

Visualizing uncertainty

11 days ago

nelson : Visualizing uncertainty - Guide to various data presentation techniques

Ian Dees

11 days ago

nelson : Ian Dees - Profile of a map nerd, great guy

History of Neural Nets

14 days ago

nelson : History of Neural Nets - 60 years of computer science in 4 short blog posts

Box Breathing

14 days ago

nelson : Box Breathing - A simple calming meditation technique

Kander on voting rights

14 days ago

nelson : Kander on voting rights - Editorial after the voter suppression committee disbanded