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Walters, Kim cry about votes

4 days ago

nelson : Walters, Kim cry about votes - Two House candidates in California start crying about vote fraud without any evidence. Seems solely because it looks like they will end up losing to absentee ballots


4 days ago

nelson : FLEEN - Nice generative art project

Tripartite Identity

5 days ago

nelson : Tripartite Identity - Separate user ID from login ID from display name / public ID

EVE Cemetery

6 days ago

nelson : EVE Cemetery - Eve Online has a player-run cemetery, where corpses are in permanent orbit around a moon

Skeleton CSS

7 days ago

nelson : Skeleton CSS - A simple / lightweight page framework

Princeton Gerrymandering Project

7 days ago

nelson : Princeton Gerrymandering Project - Academic team working on gerrymandering from a technical and statistical point of view

Radio Garden

7 days ago

nelson : Radio Garden - Globe interface to streaming radio all over the Internet

About ContraPoints

8 days ago

nelson : About ContraPoints - Year old article about the YouTube phenom, a leftist transgender philosopher who is hilarious

Dick Code (NSFW)

9 days ago

nelson : Dick Code (NSFW) - Police sketches for penises. (cis and anatomy normative)


15 days ago

nelson : B-OK - Search engine for ebooks; license not guaranteed