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Banana Blender Surprise

16 hours ago

nelson : Banana Blender Surprise - Remarkably good article about a band from some friends of mine in high school years ago

Hawaiian response to Sessions

1 days ago

nelson : Hawaiian response to Sessions - Quotes from Senators on fire

Is It Snappy?

2 days ago

nelson : Is It Snappy? - Use iPhone camera to measure lag to 4ms

Build a Better Monster

2 days ago

nelson : Build a Better Monster - Maciej on Internet technology, politics, privacy. Very thoughtful

Redistricting: something Canada does better

3 days ago

nelson : Redistricting: something Canada does better - Editorial on how Canadian redistricting works in practice

Canadian districting

3 days ago

nelson : Canadian districting - Non-partisan process for defining electoral districts

Full of beans!

4 days ago

nelson : Full of beans! - A photo set

Andy Baio : Things full of beans that shouldn’t be full of beans

RNC fundraising scandal

4 days ago

nelson : RNC fundraising scandal - Gerrit Lansing lied about his involvement with Revv; Spicer repeated his lie

Maptitude for Redistricting

4 days ago

nelson : Maptitude for Redistricting - Software + data used to draw districts

Berkeley violence plan

5 days ago

nelson : Berkeley violence plan - More details on the stupid violent protest / rally / riot last weekend

Soviet doomsday device

6 days ago

nelson : Soviet doomsday device - Details on a nuclear deterrent

Berkeley violence details

6 days ago

nelson : Berkeley violence details - Not a normal protest; facists and neo-Nazis

Kushner v Bannon

6 days ago

nelson : Kushner v Bannon - More insider gossip from the Trump White House

French railway map

7 days ago

nelson : French railway map - Zoomable and easy to view

My dad is a conspiracy theorist

8 days ago

nelson : My dad is a conspiracy theorist - Personal essay on dealing with a father who believes right wing lunacy

Trump and 18F, USDS

8 days ago

nelson : Trump and 18F, USDS - Uncertain future for competent government IT

Schools hitting children

8 days ago

nelson : Schools hitting children - Including photos of the special weapon used


11 days ago

nelson : Unpaywall - Chrome Extension to make it simpler to find full copies of scientific articles

amac's White House reflections

12 days ago

nelson : amac's White House reflections - Deputy CTO for Obama talks about the job

Alabama voter suppression

12 days ago

nelson : Alabama voter suppression - Part of the sex scandal; governor and his mistress worked to deny Blacks voting rights

Lucknow queer pride

12 days ago

nelson : Lucknow queer pride - LGBT parade in India

Chechnya anti-gay abuses

12 days ago

nelson : Chechnya anti-gay abuses - Reports of prisons with concentration camp conditions

When Pixels Collide

14 days ago

nelson : When Pixels Collide - A narrative of Reddit's /r/place experiment

Syria decision

15 days ago

nelson : Syria decision - Gossipy insider account of Trump's decision to launch missiles


15 days ago

nelson : Y'all - A history of the second person plural pronoun in English and an impassioned defense of the best word for it