Hot ! - 54 minutes ago

Andy Baio : SkyKnit - Janelle Shane trained a neural network to generate knitting patterns, and Ravelry knitters made them

The new Nancy comics are pretty great

2 hour ago

Andy Baio : The new Nancy comics are pretty great - for the first time in its 85 year history, it’s drawn by a woman, a pseudonymous webcomics artist

ICE thuggery

5 hours ago

nelson : ICE thuggery - Farmer reports outrageous behavior from immigration

Californian taxes in 2018

1 days ago

nelson : Californian taxes in 2018 - Impact of the GOP/Trump tax plan; richer Californias get a significant tax hike

Papua New Guinea lodges

2 days ago

nelson : Papua New Guinea lodges - Luxury travel in an unlikely place