Transgender horse trading

7 hours ago

nelson : Transgender horse trading - Where Trump's hateful new policy came from

Breaking the MtGox case

7 hours ago

nelson : Breaking the MtGox case - Tracking Bitcoins reveals a potential thief

2017 Transcontinental Race

11 hours ago

nelson : 2017 Transcontinental Race - Friend of mine is riding a 4000km bicycle race across Europe

RAND on trans in military

11 hours ago

nelson : RAND on trans in military - Estimates of how many transgender people are in the US military and what health care would cost

The Evolution of Trust

21 hours ago

Andy Baio : The Evolution of Trust - Nicky Case’s interactive explainer on how trust or distrust evolves in groups

Scaramucci's Deleted Tweets

2 days ago

nelson : Scaramucci's Deleted Tweets - A list with commentary

Securing the Vote 2016

2 days ago

nelson : Securing the Vote 2016 - Detailed account of various Russian hacking efforts and the US response