Gunpowder maps

18 hours ago

nelson : Gunpowder maps - Stencils filled with gunpowder and ignited

The Queen's hat

20 hours ago

nelson : The Queen's hat - Hilariously arch British editorial

Brands' Arabic Logos

20 hours ago

nelson : Brands' Arabic Logos - How big brands translate logo into Arabic script

Operation Tracer

2 days ago

nelson : Operation Tracer - Insane WW2 plan to maintain surveillance at Gibraltar in case the Nazis took over

Voter roll tampered in 2016

3 days ago

nelson : Voter roll tampered in 2016 - Voting data wasn't just stolen, it was altered

India's Dinosaur Princess

3 days ago

nelson : India's Dinosaur Princess - Aaliya Sultana Babi, a remarkable woman. We visited in 2015.

Trans March

3 days ago

nelson : Trans March - Friday in SF: first big event to kick off Pride weekend

Cubs of the Caliphate

3 days ago

nelson : Cubs of the Caliphate - Depressing story about child soldiers and jihadis recruited by Islamic State