Bing + AOL

3 hours ago

nelson : Bing + AOL - Big shift in the search ads business

Casio watches

3 hours ago

nelson : Casio watches - Photos of various crazy wrist computers

s2n TLS

4 hours ago

nelson : s2n TLS - New SSL implementation from amazing, 6000 lines of code

Hello, From the Magic Tavern

9 hours ago

Andy Baio : Hello, From the Magic Tavern - podcast from the magical land of Foom

On Bobby Jindal

19 hours ago

Anil : On Bobby Jindal - Hey @nikkihaley, this is why I said playing along with white supremacy won't help you, even being born in the U.S. I'm telling you @nikkihaley, the minute you step out of line, they'll just say you're an immigrant & a Sikh aga


1 days ago

nelson : Tilemaker - Standalone app for turning OSM data into vector tiles

GTA: Full House

1 days ago

Andy Baio : GTA: Full House - the side by side cracked me up


2 days ago

nelson : chrony - Alternative NTP implementation particularly suited for not-always-connected systems

Japanese day trader

3 days ago

nelson : Japanese day trader - CIS: crazy story of a small market